Background Hods

Sure, I’ve linked the purple background you liked in the Macross related thread today, just check my last post, you’ll find the dropbox link :smiley:

@sastrei could you share you settings for getting the cube map renders? I am trying to set up automatic cube map rendering and it is working except…


Gearbox example:

As you can see the planet has rendered pretty nicely in mine, but the background is very blurry. It is the same in the 3D view. The planet textures are sharp, but the background itself is blurred. Any idea why? I tried to copy as many of your settings as I could see in the video…

EDIT: ignore that. The gearbox example with the planet has a really blurry background texture… They obviously made their cube map renders with the original image and blurred it for the example, perhaps to reduce the file size…


In a long time, I haven’t seen anyone from GBX around here …

Just a volunteer moderator.

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I think gearbox people have orange names…

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Thanks @sastrei for the tutorial, thanks @realshiftzero for nudging this topic and finally giving me the push into seriously looking at backgrounds, thanks @eatthepath for help with a silly question…

My goal is eventually to make a gas giant with orbiting (orbitting?) moons that pass on the other side of the playing space, in a cool way… Resources would not be mined from asteroids but obtained by capturing (and holding on to) refineries that tap into the gas giant (or possibly receive regular shuttle deliveries of raw material from the surface). The AI will also be able to cope with this map… Some day…


Nice planet. If you get that background thingy into blender dae plugin i would be so happy. Also welcome to background club!

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If you want an image for inspiration, try to picture an orbital station that is involved with terraformation (or maybe taiidaformation) and keeps bombarding the surface of the planet from time to time, like an undergoing permanent process. As you “fly by” you just see the station firing into the planet and maybe some blasts in the surface …

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Planet ripe for harvesting but definitely not for colonization. Too large and no distinct surface to terraform. Too hostile to life but loaded with resources :slight_smile:


Forgot to consider what the planet is.

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Trying to make another background. This one is called “Ice Moon”. It needs some work to get the “horizon” right… The idea is to get the player to feel really close to the surface. I think the problem at the moment is that it feels a little too bright for a homeworld map…


Wow, 7 likes in less than 24 hours… I guess people are interested in backgrounds?

That, or they just appreciate good artwork when they see it!


I’m afraid to say it is just pluto - a public domain high resolution image from NASA, which I edited a bit and turned the red bits to blue… God is a better artist than me, so why compete?


My screensaver is a folder full of photos from NASA’s APOD site, so I can hardly complain!

It looks sort of too flat. Did you project the edited texture on a plane or a sphere chunk?

Its currently dished the wrong way. This is how m15 (Hiigara) background is done, so I thought there might be a reason for it. But I agree - I think I will invert it so it actually curves the correct way! I might exaggerate the normal map a bit as well, to make the relief seem a bit more intense.

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The relief looks right. From that height you’re not really going to see any good relief. Brightness looks good also. Good job :wink:


I definitely am. :slight_smile:

ok, this is involving a fair amount of trial and error and I am seeing some weird results…


The curvature is better now though. All I need to work out is which parameter in the bg_planet shader controls the width of the halo…

EDIT: that’s better (the first item in the AtmoFade parameter seems to scale the atmosphere halo):

The moon’s textures are still disappointingly pixelated when looking directly down for some reason, but using 8888 (no compression) would probably result in a HOD file that would be too big for the game :frowning: