Background Hods

(Sastrei) #41

@dkesserich is your blender exporter set up to export background HODs? The lights have a long set of values similar to dockpaths and navlights.

Edit: Putting these here for later:

(Nathanius) #42

Looking through the examples, there doesn’t seem to have ever been one released to cover the *.HOD for a background…

Note the difference between Example.hod and Example_light.hod. The first handles stars and the second the background and level lighting and are handled differently. This tutorial is _Light centric.

Am I to assume that there should be a background.DAE and a background_light.DAE that should be fed into HODOR at the same time? Can we have a complete example please?

(Sastrei) #43

Pretty sure they just use the same example.hod renamed for every background. I’ll test.

Edit: yeah, as long as you just want to have the same background stars in every level, just copy one of the (post-2.0) .hod backgrounds (not the _light ones) and rename it to your background name.

I seem to remember there was information about making new stars, gonna have to see if i can dig that up anywhere.
edit: we have to shake an answer out of @bitvenom someday. I tried exporting a new one and homeworld had a fit and crashed with an access violation. however, there seem to be at least four different ones that you can pick from, just grab one of the first four HW2 background HODs (not the _light ones).

(Herbyguitar) #44

I’ve made backgrounds from scratch. It’s a lot of work. It requires you to enter all the star data one entry at as time. Not pretty… Nate, where are you???

(Sastrei) #45

I wonder… Is there a way to see what other arguments and formats HODOR looks for? Like with hex editing or memory dumps or whatever?

(Nathanius) #46

I’m at the Gold Coast for the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

@sastrei, that’s a good find! I was looking through the shaders to see if there were any hints there, SHADERS.MAP doesn’t list it but there is a shader called bg_starfield which might be what we’re supposed to use to make the plain background HODs

(Nathanius) #48

Instant success with the reused HOD @sastrei, don’t know why the planet is black but that’s a problem for later :slight_smile:

@EatThePath, we’ve got a way forward :smiley:

The old Eagle Nebula held up pretty well :slight_smile:

(Herbyguitar) #49

When you’re working on backgrounds make sure you use Klingon and Romulan ships for subjects. Stay away from using Fed because they’re not good for setting colors because of their neutrality.

(Nathanius) #50

For the first test of the Sol system maps I deleted one of the directional lights and am considering bringing it back to replace the ambient light. You get reflections on the hull from the centre of the map and I’m not entirely pleased with that…

But I remember a fair bit of discontent when I just had the one directional light in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Herbyguitar) #51

If you really want to be accurate you would remove the ambient lights from all the maps and only use directional lighting(s) from near by planet(s) and/or sun(s). There is no true ambient lighting in space, but rather direct or reflected light and it’s predominantly white light.

(Nathanius) #52

When I can get the planet from the example to not be pitch black I’ll experiment with that! I would only do coloured light on the Bolius map and in the middle-of-a-nebula maps

(Sastrei) #53

(Herbyguitar) #54

A very small amount of ambient lighting would be appropriate. Just enough to get rid of the blackout effect.

(Nathanius) #55

Been having a lot of trouble modifying the lighting, even if there is only one directional light on the map there’s still another mystery light source in there which seems to change each time I load up the map!

I think I’ve established though that the HOLD_LITE joint serves as the light “destination”, so it should always sit at 0, 0, 0

Also, I have no ■■■■■■■ idea how to slow the clouds down… it seems to ignore the parameter for it :confused:

(Herbyguitar) #56

Clouds??? I don’t know about getting any help. It’s been months since any devs have been here to show support. We may be out in the cold from here on…

(El Rizzo) #57

That is certainly what it looks like :sweat: which is pretty sad considering the preview patch system was just introduced and they pretty much left a few weeks after that.

(Nathanius) #58

Well, it’s either back to what we were dealing with before (but with HWRM instead of HW2) or they’ll consolidate the pattern of “vanish for 6 months, then pop up with something cool”

(El Rizzo) #59

Lets hope it is the latter case and maybe instead of 6 make it 3 months :wink:

(Sastrei) #60

@nathanius I’ll be happy to lend a hand with the backgrounds if I can. Send me a DAE or FBX if you’re still having trouble with it.

(Nathanius) #61

That would be great! I’ll add you to the PM we have going with @EatThePath