Background Hods

(Is this thing on?) #122

That, or they just appreciate good artwork when they see it!

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #123

I’m afraid to say it is just pluto - a public domain high resolution image from NASA, which I edited a bit and turned the red bits to blue… God is a better artist than me, so why compete?

(Is this thing on?) #124

My screensaver is a folder full of photos from NASA’s APOD site, so I can hardly complain!

(Lynne) #125

It looks sort of too flat. Did you project the edited texture on a plane or a sphere chunk?

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #126

Its currently dished the wrong way. This is how m15 (Hiigara) background is done, so I thought there might be a reason for it. But I agree - I think I will invert it so it actually curves the correct way! I might exaggerate the normal map a bit as well, to make the relief seem a bit more intense.

(Herbyguitar) #127

The relief looks right. From that height you’re not really going to see any good relief. Brightness looks good also. Good job :wink:

(Rufus Shinra) #128

I definitely am. :slight_smile:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #129

ok, this is involving a fair amount of trial and error and I am seeing some weird results…

The curvature is better now though. All I need to work out is which parameter in the bg_planet shader controls the width of the halo…

EDIT: that’s better (the first item in the AtmoFade parameter seems to scale the atmosphere halo):

The moon’s textures are still disappointingly pixelated when looking directly down for some reason, but using 8888 (no compression) would probably result in a HOD file that would be too big for the game :frowning:

(Herbyguitar) #130

Is the distortion in game like that or is that just a camera thing? It looks like an egg.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #131

I think that is just because those are widescreen shots, using both my monitors. Here is a single screen shot:

It kind of feels more naturally the right shape in game than in the stills.

(Chimas) #132

I hope you find a good screenshot or artwork of Enceladus.

When HWRM was in the early beta stage, a mistake was inspiring:


Also, Gearbox created a cool background that didn't make to the game ...

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #133

Interesting. Where did you get those?

(Chimas) #134

I was part of the HWR mod*, we were remastering the units of HW1. Then, GBX picked up Homeworld’s IP and Brian Burleson (the producer) approached all modders at that time and some were granted access to the development as players, so I took some screenshots here and there.

*- @jkberna , @Moleman2009, Carlos Isaza and some other modders that showed up eventually. Really miss “working” with them, great guys.

(Moleman2009) #135

Did someone summon me @Chimas, find me on steam my friend, we will talk more

(ajlsunrise) #136

I was, kinda, a part of that team…

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #137

OK, I think this is getting close to where I wanted it. This was the feeling I wanted to generate when following a “downward” attack. It actually makes you slightly dizzy, which is great…

Same event viewed from the side:

In the end I had to split the moon into quarters, each texture 4096x4096. HODOR would not accept a single 8192x8192 texture.

DXT5 compression seems to work best.

Time to pull out the “salvage falling from orbit” script…

EDIT: some more screenshots:

(Chimas) #138

cool feature …

(Rufus Shinra) #139

Thnks for the excellent tutorial and helpful files! I could build three new backgrounds in a few hours without having ever touched the stuff before.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #140

Nice! How did you get those rings looking so good? I tried using mattescissor and bg_planet but the transparency didn’t work out too well…

This what the texture looks like in gimp:

(Rufus Shinra) #141

Wait, I was supposed to do something? I just used the textures from the assets left to me by another mod team years ago and followed your tutorial, the biggest issue being to find out how to turn a cube map into a sphere one. Thankfully, there are websites doing it freely and nicely. :slight_smile:

No transparency stuff involved, sorry.