Background Noise?

Hey all! Am I just crazy and hearing things? So I’ve completed main story (Normal mode) then went on to complete Pirate’s Booty, thus awakening the Hyperius and Master Gee, but I’ve yet to defeat them. In fact I’ve not yet even challenged them.
I decided to break from questing and have been messing around various maps chasing Challenges (Sawtooth Cauldron & Thousand Cuts especially) when I started to notice faintly in the background, as though from a far away distance, what sounded like Hyperius laughing and speaking. As I tried to determine whether this was really happening or just a bizarre sound matrix I suddenly heard Master Gee doing the same.
It seems strange that I would be able to hear them on non-DLC maps, and for some reason I can’t seem to get the volume up in time to hear better. If it is actually happening it’s a pretty neat detail that makes the main game and DLC feel more connected. Or perhaps it’s a strange glitch or something. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks in advance friends!

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Never noticed anything like that, but it would be pretty neat. Raid bosses taunting you until you kill them for the 1st time


Its suuuper faint. I’m halfway convinced I must be imagining it but at the same time I’d swear it’s there.

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Hyperius and Master Gee use altered bruiser and buzzard pilot voice clips. Maybe you were hearing those?

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Oh that’s very possible.

But I was hearing Hyperius at Sawtooth Cauldron which is completely void of Bruisers.

I very well could be making that very mistake but the voices sound distinctly like Hyperius and Master Gee. But that doesn’t rule out your theory by any means.

I wonder if it was possibly added in a recent update or something? I’d love to hear from someone else who’s at same point in the game.