Background Star Fields

So I’d like to know the proper way to include various stars points to a map using HODOR. Thus far I only used the background stuff but I have no idea about starfields. How basically does that should be sorted out.

How to do this with Hodor

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Actually, we created a new process for this when finishing HWRM - that involved painting stars in Photoshop over the background. The painted stars are then processed and converted into 3d points. I am not sure this is ready for public use - but I’ll confirm that.

hoded actually had/has a sort of similar feature, where you can import a tga and it’ll make stars based on the pixel data. I never really managed to make good use of it.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll be waiting.

Did somebody say stars?! No really, did they? Maybe I am just hearing things?!

So let’s talk about that… and how you can use HODOR to create them :slight_smile: For now, I’m just going to explain the script/inputs - some of the ‘tools’ we created for this process are really just tricks in Photoshop; stuff that makes it a bit easier.

The ‘cosmic’ action in HODOR can either take a background and generate images that describe where the stars are, or turn those same images back into a background.

Which operation HODOR performs depends on whether or not you tell it the source (images->background) or destination (background->images) paths. And you can indeed give it both to ‘check your work’ if need be.

What do you need to do this?

HODOR (duh.)
A STARS.DEF file (comes with HODOR - but you CAN edit it for your Mod)
A Background (_light) HOD (the visual sky sphere, with proper UVs, a single mapped image)
A Star HOD (I think the code requires a valid one to start, and another (or the same) if you want to generate…)

Here’s an example script…

= -$COSMIC_MESH=TestBack_light.hod
= -$COSMIC_SRCSTAR=TestBack.hod
= -$COSMIC_DSTSTAR=TestBack_Out.hod

= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mat=background Width=4096 Height=2048
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mesh=PRE_Space
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Merge


#= -$COSMIC_SRCTEX=TestBack_SRC_Stars_Tex.TGA

= -do=cosmic
= -action=null

This script will take TestBack_light.hod’s sky mesh (anything with the background shader), and using those UVs it will dump the stars in TestBack.hod to images TestBack_DEST_Stars_RGB/Tex - Those have values for which stars, where, how much alpha, the size and distance, etc.

If you were to enable the COSMIC_SRCRGB/TEX properties it would pull those images in and use them to generate TestBack_Out.hod.

I’ll go into more detail later - but part of me thinks that collectively the Mod community is sharp and resourceful enough to not need any additional info. I’ll see how you all do :wink:


Ooh! Thank you for this one :smiley:

I’ve just been reusing GBX created ones for the time being, seems to work as well :slight_smile:

Did anyone give this a shot yet?

Not yet - related question - is masking out stars best done via creating a new star map per above, or some other method?

Edit: de-conversion worked! I’m looking at dest_stars_tex and dest_stars_rgb files. :slight_smile:

Next up, galactic domination! :wink:


I need to try this soon. I was asking for for more info on starfields as this is the last major piece of map making I’m still missing.

Has anyone encountered this error?

Error - COSMIC_MESH isn’t a mesh HOD

I tried using M01 as an example and dumping the TGA files (which worked) and then making some modifications and re importing them and I received that error

I used the example script above and made the modifications to the files and the commented sections

= -$COSMIC_MESH=m01_light.hod
= -$COSMIC_SRCSTAR=m01.hod
= -$COSMIC_DSTSTAR=m01_Out.hod

= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mat=background Width=4096 Height=2048
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mesh=PRE_Space
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Merge

#= -$COSMIC_DSTTEX=TestBack_DEST_Stars_Tex.TGA

= -$COSMIC_SRCTEX=TestBack_SRC_Stars_Tex.TGA

= -do=cosmic
= -action=null

I am also able to dump the TGA files from an existing starfield HOD, but struggling to generate a new starfield HOD.

I am using:

= -$HWRM_BASE=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps
= -$COSMIC_MESH=[path]dom_light.hod
= -$COSMIC_DSTSTAR=[path]dom_stars_out.HOD
= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mat=background Width=4096 Height=2048
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Mesh=PRE_Space
#= -$$COSMIC_OPTS=Merge
= -$COSMIC_SRCRGB=[path]dom_stars_RGB.TGA
= -$COSMIC_SRCTEX=[path]dom_stars_Tex.TGA
= -do=cosmic
= -action=null

I get the error

Error - COSMIC_STAR isn't a background HOD

I tried making -$COSMIC_DSTSTAR:

  • Non-existent
  • An existing starfield HOD (to be overwritten)
  • An existing background HOD (out of desparation…)

EDIT: got it! It needs a valid starfield HOD as -$COSMIC_SRCSTAR even when creating a new HOD. Not sure what it does with that HOD though, or if it is even used…


Does anyone understand how the RGB and TEX files actually define the star types, brightness, etc.?




Produces this:

But I cannot see any obvious link (except that whiter pixels in the RGB are bigger/brighter), but I imagine the R/G/B values of the pixels in both images defines the star somehow…


I don’t believe anything other than the greyscale value of the pixel is taken into consideration. From stars.def:

#### Example Star Definition File

16:  Neb07.TGA
32:  Neb01.TGA
48:  Neb02.TGA
64:  Neb04.TGA
88:  Neb05.TGA
100: Neb06.TGA
188: Neb07.TGA

128: B01.tga
144: B02.tga
160: B03.tga

If you want to change the look of the stars, you should be able to swap out the .tga’s in data > background > stars, or point it to new ones in the stars.def file.

Forgot, stars.def is in the HODOR directory.