Backout of match needs new solution

I for the first time since i got the game shortly after release backed out of a match cause i wanted to practice online with the character I WANTED TO PLAY AS. And the game tells me I cannot play another match other people??? this makes no sense…

What if a friend gets online and says hey lets party out while im in a match… i cannot just backout and play with them?? Then when you back out your forced to just sit there and do nothing?? What if you decided you dont like the mode and want to try something else? then the team that stayed in the match doesn’t even get another player?

what if you start a match, and then have to leave soon after, cause the matches do take a long time… the team is forced to be missing a player??

Also, if you do decided to go into the match it doesn’t even allow you to pick a character that is left to select from???

Im sorry, this whole thing is rubbing me the wrong way… especially after playing Overwatch, which allowed multiple people to have the same character, match making is much faster, and you can backout and be in another match in an instant…

I love gearbox for the borderlands series, and im awaiting the next… but i dont know if i can play this game much longer in mp… maybe story… another issue for me is Time to Kill is very high… but ill work around all that… but the backout issue is HUGE to me…

I completely agree with this guy, accept i purchased already and will keep the game in my collection:

geriatricjojoApr 10
I just ran into a huge deal breaker while trying to play VS Mode Online. I was unable to select the character I wanted to play and decided to back out and find another match so I could play with the character I wanted to select. The game will not let you join another Game??? I am prompted with the ONLY option: to play the game I backed out of, OR play nothing at all until the match I left is completed???

I understand the need to limit people from backing out of a match. But, technically it hadn’t even began. We were only in the character select screen. I assumed with today’s savvy technology, that another player in Queue would kindly be put into place when I dipped out. BEFORE the match even began.

Instead, I am forced to join only the match I left and select a character I don’t want? Or wait until the match I don’t want to play ends? Who’s idea was this? Have them read this next line >>>>> I WILL NOT PURCHASE BATTLEBORN UNTIL YOU COME UP WITH A BETTER SOLUTION.

MOBA style games consider it ‘rude’ for players to back out of a match they have started, Battleborn isn’t unique in this respect. It’s the same in Paragon (where in fact you do get a message telling you it’s considered rude to back out) and if you do back out of that you also have to wait until that game finishes before you can join another one.

People need to consider the other players in a match. Ducking out and leaving a team short is unfair both to that team (who will very likely lose due to this) and to the other team too who would prefer any win to be a fair one rather than down to fewer players on the opposite team.

Because of the nature of Battleborn and games like this, it’s not a ‘drop in and drop out’ type of game where others could come in and fill the gap. The teams are fixed at the start for various reasons (player progression etc). People need to be mindful of this before committing to a game, ensuring that they have sufficient time to complete the match and that they will graciously choose another character if their first choice gets taken.

Personally I’d like to see stronger ‘punishments’ for players who drop out, and I know others would too going by other posts on these forums.


You seem to think this game is a run of the mill FPS. It’s most definitely not that kind of game

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What my friend here is trying to say is that this is a team based game with a very high time to kill. In most other fps games the time to kill is around 2-5 seconds sometimes shorter, while in battleborn it’s closer to 10-15 which significantly affects how teamwork fits in. For comparison in Call of Duty or Halo one player can have a huge impact on a match and carry the rest of his team but in this game if your even down one person it can severely cripple your team and their chances of winning.

The reason someone cannot take your place is because of the MOBA aspect of the game with it’s gear and leveling system. Please know next time you quit it isn’t just affecting you but everyone on your team and their ability to win the match.

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I guess… Im not familiar with moba, but im learning its definitely not the game type for me… now i know why the other day when we lost some teamates why it didnt give us new ones…

More punishments? haha… I guess i will mainly still to story until i can get a good party to teamup on people… cause the time to kill is crazy too, but i read that mobas are like that… i just dont understand why they wont replace players with new ones… what if i left cause i was sucking an causing the team to lose? then theyll just lose even more when i leave huh? haha… ill play battlborn story, but stick to overwatch multiplayer…

Dr_H0H0 thank you so much for answering everything all kind and such. I highly appreciate it… I have been a gearbox players since borderlands 1… I was expecting more of that fps online feel that borderlands didn’t have… and you might know in that game if on level 15 you could beat lv 17 or sometimes highers enemies with snipers or high lv assault riffles and criticals… time to kill made sense to me… at least i was expecting something similar… On battleborn i feel like i just cant kill enemies at all… be shooting forever hahah

And yes your right, I am a avid Call Of Duty player… so i HIGHLY know… im a slayer type player on there. I have joined matches in which the team was losing and i would go in spawn trap, get objective defends, call in kill streaks, and we would win… One player can have a huge affect to how the match goes on there if they are doing good that is…

I play solo a lot too, so finding a good battleborn team to strategize with will also be hard…

Thanks everyone for your answers… I have a better understanding now… and i realize this game is not really for me… at least not on the MP part of it… too slow paced, and would be better with some good team work strategy…Especially since the time to kill is so high…

So for MP ill be on overwatch… Moba is not my thing… fast pace FPS is… but ill keep battleborn, im curious to see what things gearbox is going to do… and story is pretty fun so far…

This is done so because it’s not really possible to do other way since there is leveling in match. Let’s assume that a player leaves and a new is player is dropped into match. What that player will play? The same hero that previous played? What if that player does not know how to play that hero or does not even have it unlocked? If you let him choose a new hero? Will he start from level 1? Or maybe the level that previous player had achieved. But what if that player was really underleveled and that was the reason he left? Does the new player has to suffer from that as well? If he gets some average level, why the enemy team has to be punished this way, maybe the lower level of previous player was because they shut him down. Etc, etc, etc.

As you can see, this is not that easy to just swap out a player in games with leveling.
And overall, if doesn’t matter that this is just a computer game. It’s a team game first and foremost. And once you join a game - you have some obligation for your team.

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That’s fine if the responses have helped you decide on which type of game is for you.

I’m loving Battleborn, for me the pace is just right, the depth of gameplay suits my. I don’t like fast-paced FPS twitch shooters so I didn’t click with Overwatch at all.

Anyway, good luck in your choice of games!

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If all you want is to practice a character, might I suggest a private PvP match? I do it all the time to get a feel for characters. It’s just you and whomever is in your group with/ against a bunch of bots, humans pick their characters first, and you can even turn off unique characters if you’re feeling particularly kinky.

It’s not nearly as challenging as the real thing of course, (and if it is I seriously need to stop fooling around) but it’s the closest thing to a training ground this game’s got.

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Wow, well put… I didn’t think of all that… I just figured it would let you join the ongoing match, and pick who you want to play as and then you level up… but just as a realized even that is hard in this game… leveling up takes long, and so does killing enemies to do so takes long… so it would be a disadvantage on someones part as you said…

I hope maybe they add a mode without leveling and a less time to kill… a hardcore like mode, similar to what they offer in story, but with respawning

Exactly this game ain’t call of duty its team based