Backpack: a dream of instantly displayed loot values

Too busy playing to have much time to complain, and liking this game too much to do so, but there’s a small but regularly encountered thing I’d love to see changed.

It seems really unnecessary that every time you want to see how much an item in your inventory is worth, the game has to flick through a suspenseful slot-machine-type animation before it settles on the actual value. As cash is useful in this game, and also because I’m finicky and like collecting pretend money, it would be manna from heaven if I could just select an item and see its value. Any chance of a fix on this?

Apologies mods if this has already been discussed, I haven’t been keeping rigorous track of Borderlands 3 threads. Otherwise loving the game… some features very much :ireland: :drooling_face:


I agree with this. The slot machine effect is cool looking but ultimately makes checking loot take longer than it should. I also wonder if the slot effect also is part of the reason the menu screen lags all the time.