Backpack and bank space

I just want to know what is the point of having a “Bazillion” guns but only be able to carry and store 40-50 guns? These fill up way too quick. I like collecting the guns even if I don’t use them. Having a mule account just to carry all the guns is tedious and a pain. I just don’t understand having such a small inventory for such an insane amount of guns. I’m sure most fans/players would agree. Especially completionist type players like myself. Even borderlands 2 each character had their own bank which is a little better. BL3 just went backwards on this concept


My bank is filled with legendaries. I have all upgrades maxed out and only 20 slots left in bags, which will no doubt force me at some point to even sell legendaries.

What’s the point of creating multiple legendary variants with different elemental damage types and annointed bonuses when space is so utterly limited.


I agree on this. Maybe they could set it up the old way and have a 40-50 slot gear transfer bank (supply stash) along with the standard per character bank. Could this be patched? The main thing it would require is creating a seperate box location and locking character banks to 1 character. Hmm… would be nice.

A suggestion that could help:

Infinite Bank slot, with :
Item category Filter.
Item Producer (Vladof, Atlas…) Filter.
Item Rarity Filter.

With research bar.

Problem solved :slight_smile: