Backpack Character generation time (console)

I just created a new backpacker and finally noted the time.
This is from start of game to ability to open the safe on Sanctuary.
Did 3 side-quests along the way to have levels to finish the landing dock fight with little difficulty, Head Case, Powerful Connections and Dump on Dumptruck. Probably could have skipped the last, but I wanted to see what was in his red chest (nuthin good).
Time was 1:45 on PS4 and onto Sanctuary at near the end of lvl 8. Now I’m not a speed runner, so this was pretty much as anyone would play.
Contrast this with creating a backpack in BL2, I can do that in 45 minutes (less if I don’t go for the good sniper from Bad Hair Day).
That’s a little long, need to figure out a way to get it down to closer to an hour.
Note that this is from the very start, so includes the intro cinematic and all the cut scenes. If those all are made skippable about 9-11 minutes will be saved. There are still times you just wait around for an NPC to finish dialog before you can progress, those will not be made skippable.

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I’ve done a few mules, I find I don’t really do side missions any more but quickly grab collectibles like claptrap along the way to get the exp. I’ve done it with all characters too, I find Flak with rakks the easiest, at lower levels the rakks cause more damage than guns and quick cooldown.

I’ll try that next.
I forgot to mention that this was a Zane, since I find the clone and drone do an excellent job of taking down early game enemies with no fuss. And if you launch the drone just before the clone vanishes the clone will be ready when the drone expires if you still need the support.

And now I’m in the Reload lvl 50 character, do one round of Slaughter, quit, load backpack, pick up gear to sell from Lost Loot cycle to get the backpack up.

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Zane clone/drone I found 2nd fastest after the rakks. Having to keep swapping the clone closer to enemies then run back at them takes a bit longer than Rakk spam though. If you could keep drone up he’d be perfect but constant uptime is only really possible at end game.

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Fun fact: You can open this chest without doing the mission iirc. Also you can use Photo Mode while standing at the gate, exit it and press the button to open the door :smiley:

Huh, just did that.

It’s a little tricky, you have to find the right way to get through the gate. Then you have to position yourself right in front of the button and hit open immediately and the gate will open. Any missteps and you’ll be dragged back out to a closed gate.

For just creating a mule I don’t do any side missions and just run past enemies that don’t need killed to progress and can usually make Sanctuary in about 40-45 minutes on any character.

In fact it’s very easy to do.

And yeah, just running through the locations should be very quick. I guess the Sanctuary section is most boring in this process.

Hm, I’m making a new backpack now (FL4K) to try that. Two backpacks in one day, such fun :slight_smile:, think I’ll wait a little.

With Xbox, you can create level 1 mules quickly with two controllers. The advantage here you can skip the cutscenes of creating a level 1 VH.

Its the same on psn; another advantage is you can mail items to them. Useful for when your playing coop with a friend and find enough decent loot

  • can also trade them cash to max backpack sdu
  • another bank
  • powerlevel yourself

OK, my FL4K/Rakk Attack made it to safe opening on Sanctuary in 1:11, much faster. And ended u in Sanc. at lvl 7, so xp was there. Only did the Marcus repair mission as a side, since that doesn’t require you to go off the mainline story path. Omitting that would reduce the time by 2-3 minutes. I did it primarily because the red chest event is still on, and I got an Infinity from his chest in the past and was hoping for something like that. Didn’t get it.
Being able to skip cut scenes should be able to drop this to just over an hour.

The variables are the Holy Broadcast Center and the fight outside the ship dock.
HBC because killing Mouthpiece can be a bit gear-dependent, I took him out with a Jakobs pistol, had I found an early-game Q-System would probably have been quicker.
Outside the ship dock the chance of Badasses can make it a bit longer, and the enemies can duck behind a lot of cover, reducing the effectiveness of Rank Attack.
Overall, after the updates today I expect to be able to bring a BP character in an hour or slightly less, which is fine.

Why not use a second profile for mules? Are you on PC and that’s not possible? I saw another thread you mentioned playing BL2 on Xbox.

Sign in a split screen player, give them money on Sanctuary, let them purchase backpack SDU’s. Give them loot, save and quit them out. No need to be above level 1 or even play the game at all.

This also allows you to load your mule at any time without quitting your current character. In BL2 I used to have to farm Eridium and the mule would stand around while I killed the Warrior. Now it should be even easier.

Cuz I haven’t tried it… I will, I promise.

Sorry i dont get it. A backpack character is one who has a full backpack of stuff? Because I am using a second controller + a second account for the full 300 bank slots. I havent done a single mission on my second account. I just join to my first account who is already in sanctuary.

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Personally I don’t use them for the bank, because then they’re only good when I’m at Sanctuary. If you use them for backpack only, you can load them up wherever or whenever you want. I could load one up just outside Graveward, grab my gear and be done.
There’s also the fact that after a point it’s cheaper to upgrade another backpack than it is to keep upgrading the bank. You could get another full 40 backpack for less than a single bank upgrade after you hit the original bank cap.

Youre on console man! Get 99.999.99o of cash, save your profile in the cloud. Gave your second account the whole money, download your uploaded profile and you have still 99.999.999 cash. If you have less than 99 millions cash, leta say only 23 do the same, but take the money from your second account so after one up and download you have 46, after one more 92 a.s.o. I know this can take maybe 30 min the first time, but for other accounts you already have the money.

Takes literally 30 secconds; and you dont have to quit session; big plus when farming slaughters

And you can create new characters on your second account, Upgrade threyre backpack and if you need it just splitscreen with the backpack character. He will always be at the place where you are

That’s why I mentioned money as an ‘also’ reason. Money isn’t the main reason for me. The main reason is the immediate use. Sign in, grab gear, sign out. Don’t even need to travel if I’m in the middle of an area where I can’t fast travel.