Backpack items lost

Yesterday I was at Concordia to grind. First I used some keys to have some purples. After I save and quit a few times I realized that my backpack items has lost.
Anybody had this issue before? It was the first time I had such a problem.

Did this happen after you moonstone grinded 3 purples. it happened to me once, only once, and it was after that. you arent normally able to moonstone 3 purples so i figure it was a glitch and the deleted backpack is tied to that.

I am missing 3 Rosie’s from my backpack and I have no idea where they went.

I’ve lost several weapons out of my back pack.

The last was a cryo rosie on my Aurelia character. I was so happy to get that element. I hated to see that one go. :rage:

I’ve never seen this happen. I suppose it might have happened though. I’ll try to pay attention to this.

Lost all backpack items, several purples, blues and greens. Had 20 items in 27 slots after several house of grinding and completing 3 long quests today. All I have left is my installed equipment.

You grinded/sold them?

I just lost everything after selling one green revolver in subconscious. I was collecting weapons for months and had all blue, purple, orange, and pink items. I’m livid