Backpack SDU reward not appearing

Hi, I’ve been playing with my friend and we’ve been trying to get all the achievements. Recently my friend received the achievement for having 42 inventory slots and I’ve realised I have not been getting the backpack SDU reward from doing claptrap missions. I was wondering if it’s because your capped three inventory slots on the second play through, but my friend has obtained the remaining inventory slots while I have not. I know the first play through u can get 42 inventory slots so should I go back and find the rest to obtain the achievement.

Not sure of the actual answer (maybe @Kurtdawg13 or @farsight37 do?) However, it would not surprise me if the achievement was for all 42 in a single play-through - that would be consistent with the way some of the other achievements work.

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Quick answer: Yes! :grin:

Edit: At work and had to handle something. Looks like @farsight37 summed it up nicely. :acmaffirmative:

I’ll just add that you can legitimately get 72 backpack slots. You’ll have to farm the extras in PT2.0 if you want 72. I am pretty sure you hit 52 before starting PT2.0 iirc. :thinking:

You only need to farm 1 in PT1.0 but if you’ve already progressed on to PT2.0 that Lockdown Palace SDU is unobtainable now.

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The Claptrap Rescue missions in PT1 guarantee a Backpack SDU as the reward for turning them in (except the one in Knoxx), so you should be able to go back and obtain those SDUs. There are 5 Claptraps in PT2 (Sledge’s Safehouse, Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetanus Warrens, Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard) that have a chance to drop the SDUs, though it’s far from guaranteed and you’re more likely to walk away with a grenade mod unless you farm the mission turn in.

Also keep in mind the Backpack SDUs are items you have to use; they don’t automatically apply. So search through your backpack, you might have some sitting there that you haven’t used yet. You’re definitely not capped at 3 inventory slots in PT2, so I suspect you may have some Backpack SDUs sitting in your backpack that you haven’t used yet.

Thanks for the heads up on this topic, @VaultHunter101


Heh! I remember thinking “Why is my inventory overloaded, and why is my storage still what it was before picking up the SDU? Oh, wait…”


Nah, you can still farm the PT1 SDU even if you’ve started up PT2.

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so the “finding Steele” mission is only avoided in PT2.0 to obtain all SDU’s? I thought it held true for the lockdown palace one in PT1.0 as well? that was my process anyway. :sweat_smile:

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Just PT2 for the “Find Steele” shenanigans. Thank goodness.

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Thanks for clarifying Mr. Dr. :wink:
I never wanted to test that just in case I was right. :slight_smile:

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