Backpack SDUs - myth vs. reality

Surprise, the wiki is wrong! It states:

Once the second playthrough is finished, it is impossible to gain any more SDUs from the Claptrap Rescue Missions. The only known legit way for a character in playthrough 2.5 to gain SDUs is to finish the Claptrap Rescue Missions in a multiplayer game hosted by a player who didn’t finish the second playthrough.

This is untrue, but I am not yet sure exactly what IS true. Right now, I have a Lilith in PT2.5. I did the normal PT1 rescues for 42, and the first five PT2 vanilla for 57.

Then, I completed PT2 (killed the destroyer) and started doing DLC. Yesterday I sprinted through the Claptrap DLC in PT1 for the skill point…and guess what? I got the backpack SDU from the “rescue” mission. This is supposed to be impossible. So - out of curiosity, I sprinted through the Zombie DLC too…and got that one as well. Both of these were on the first try, so it seems likely that these are guaranteed regardless of what playthrough your character has completed. I also have gotten the one in the Claptrap DLC in PT2, while in PT2.5.

So - there are some holes and I’d appreciate some help filling them.

  • PT1 start - 12 slots
  • PT1 vanilla - 10 rescues (guaranteed SDUs), 42 slots
  • PT1 zombie (guaranteed SDU even in PT2.5) - 45 slots
  • PT1 claptrap (guaranteed SDU even in PT2.5) - 48 slots
  • PT2 vanilla - here is where the questions start!
    – first five are not guaranteed but are possible - 63 slots
    are we REALLY sure that none of the other 5 can yield SDUs? I would think that if these were possible, someone would have noticed…but I’m questioning it.
  • PT2 zombie (not guaranteed, and NOT possible in PT2.5) - 66 slots
  • PT2 claptrap (not guaranteed, but possible even in PT2.5) - 69 slots
  • Lockdown Palace PT1 “or” PT2 - 72 slots
    – supposedly you can only get this one time. This doesn’t make sense to me…none of the others work this way. Are we REALLY sure about this?

I think I’ll try to get 75 in my current playthrough. Anyone else feel like giving it a shot?

PT1 DLC SDUs with a PT2.5 Lilith:

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I know I’ve gotten Pt.1 Claptrap and Zombie SDUs after completing Pt.2 on at least two different characters, so I agree with that. I haven’t made a point of actively farming Pt.2 SDUs until very recently, so unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot to add beyond that. The one character I ran those DLCs in Pt.2 after completing Pt.1 and the story didn’t luck out on first try, and I didn’t think to try farming at the time because of the received wisdom you mentioned (plus getting back to the mill in Pt.2 is a bit of a pain!)

On Console, I have a Lilith on PT2.5 and have gone back and acquired the SDU’s from PT1 on that character. So this is not new info.

What I think the wiki is trying to convey is that once you complete PT2.0 and are in PT2.5 you can no longer acquire the “farmable” SDU’s in PT2. This is not to be confused with PT1. It has never stated outright that once you are in PT2.5 you cannot go get the PT1 SDU’s. I am pretty sure that was assumed. :wink:

edit: what I’d be interested to know is that you can still farm those “Farmable SDU’s” in PT2 once you’re in PT2.5.

I put the wiki quote there because it is broad and authoritative - and wrong! It says once you enter PT2.5, your backpack space is locked.

Regarding the PT2 SDUs, that’s what I’m testing. I know for certain that the one in the claptrap DLC is possible, and I will try the one in the Lumber Yard very soon.

Once I kill this one-life character and start another, I’ll leave her at 12 inventory slots until PT2.5. Then we will see…everything!

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YES! this right here I’m really curious about. :point_up:t2:

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OK, here’s what happened when I tried to turn in the Lumber Yard mission. No reward at all! Unfortunately I only ran it once, because I accidentally save/quit instead of alt-F4. Oops.

That happened to me earlier this week, on my PT2 run of ZI. Note that i have never done a PT1 run of ZI.

OK - got the PT2 DLC4 Claptrap again, in PT2.5. I’ve gotten this on the first try both times…perhaps it’s guaranteed? Probably just luck.

First turn-in of the Lockdown Palace mission. Note that unlike the Zombie mission, it’s still giving me a reward - makes me think that this one is possible.


Just a couple days ago I finished a PT2.5 zombie DLC playthrough and got nothing for the Claptrap rescue as well.

(On a side note, all my max level characters have kinda terrible backpack slots because I’ve never tried to farm them in PT2, I just lazily accepted the crappy grenade mod if it was offered heh. I imagine farming the Lockdown Palace one would be rather… grueling… :smiley: )

My lack of getting SDU upgrades bugs me to no end. I skipped the PT1 versions of the DLCs, but did all other rescue missions, and I have 42 spaces. 42, while a great number, is insufficient.

I have since compensated by Banking all my shields, grenades and any weapon that isn’t a repeater, leaving me with like 36 open places to put loot in.

Now realize that I don’t really care about loot - I’m not a collector, and don’t even pick up most stuff unless it’s an upgrade to something I already have. I’ve ignored some really nice gear simply because my current character didn’t use items of that type.

So why do I care about not having 69 backpack slots? I shouldn’t care at all. But 3000+ hours of playing Borderlands has turned me into a Skinner test subject. Dammit to hell.


Yo Kurt, you know if it’s possible to get the Lockdown Palace Backpack SDU in 2.0 around 10% or like 2.5%-1% of the time? I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to get in PT2 but possible, and is just worth the mileage to get in PT1.

SDU upgrades are very disturbing to farm…

Here is what I’ve found on the Steam forums

I didn’t checked all those statements, but I did notice a lot of them are trustworthy :sweat_smile:

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As i remember it, you don’t get an SDU from that clappy in PT2.0 or PT2.5 from Lockdown Palace. Only in PT1.0

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Yeah, that guide was very trustworthy for me tbh. Where I’m kinda getting my conceptual rundown, really.

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Is it normal to get 2 sdu’s from dlc4 on pt 1 and 2.5? Wonder if others can be attained as well?

Also what would happen if you went after pt2 or 2.5 sdu’s before going for pt1 ones?

Seems to be normal - got it easily on two separate characters. DLC1 did not work.

I’m currently taking a break from the game (sanity and all) but next playthrough I will leave all SDU quests unfinished til PT2.5, then see how many I can get.

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Before the remaster came out, PT2.5 (or more specifically, after accepting the Find Steele mission) Lumber Yard and Tartarus Station Claptraps would not reward the SDU. It’s one of many glitches that it appears the remaster has fixed (unless Lumber Yard is still bugged). As far as Lockdown Palace, I’ve only ever managed to get it on PT1, never PT2 or 2.5.

I’m not sure if the 5 farmable SDUs used to be affected by that same glitch, as I always got them before reaching that point.

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I got Lockdown Palace one in pt1 but Sledge’s Safehouse during pt2.5 doesn’t give anything. Neither did that crystal cave. Maybe the other ones might?

So at pt 2.5 I came back to Sledges safehouse and on the first try got the sdu. Farming it before was a massive fail so I was very surprised. Then I got another one in earls scrapyard. This playthrough 2.5 might still yield more. So far I was unsuccessful in farming them at Hew Haven, Kroms Canyon, Salt Flats, Trash Coast, Old Haven and Crimson Fastness. Still, Im happy I managed to pick them up in 3 locations in pt 2.5

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The confirmed SDU-bearing Claptraps in PT2 are Sledge’s, Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetanus Warren, and the Scrapyard.