Backpack SDU's Patched Yet?

Only uogrades my Aurelia still needs are the two final levels of yhe Bank & Backpack upgrades.

Have they bern patched to stay at 36 & 39 yet?

Negative,maybe with the patch on the 24th

Yeah, it will probably be on the 24th.

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I hope so.

Update from jeffybug as of 4 days ago.

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When all are bought (if it fixes the broken buys)…

What’s the gain to inventory? Bank and Backpack

6 and 4 correct???

6 Backpack and 4 Bank??

Giving you 39 Backpack and 24 Bank…Right??

If so that’s 10 more slots…I NEED 10 more slots…LOL

I got the patch on the 360 today, but now I only have 36. It was stuck at 33. I already bought all the upgrades for the backpack a while back, but I’m not at 39 now. Also backpack upgrade sold out so they didn’t fix it all. They need to give me 39 or the option to buy the last one again.

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Thanks for the update!

Kind of sad they didnt unlock it all the way to 39 in one fell swoop!

Hopefully this amazing game will get more DLC that they can match the next SDU tier with!

There’s been some fixing since my Athena character who had bought all 3 months ago and was stuck at 33 is as of today stuck at 36, so something HAS happened as of today’s fix. Just not up to 39…

Note : My thread here.

I just got the update on pc. I had already bought the 36 upgrade, and it showed up when I loaded the game, but I hadn’t bought the 39 one yet. When I bought it it didn’t show up though and I still had 500 moonstones. Then I bought it again and this time the 39 showed up. After that I went and killed Meg a few times and the 39 was still there after each restart. So, I would tentatively say that it’s fixed, at least on pc.

Hey good for you :blush: !

Unfortunately not the case for everyone :unamused: :

Just checked again still have 39. I do have some strange screen tearing that wasn’t there before the upgrade. So…ye.

This seems to be the current state of things:

(1) Bought no bugged SDUs pre-patch - Max backpack now = 39
(2) Bought 1 bugged SDU pre-patch - Max backpack now = 39
(3) Bought 2 bugged SDUs pre-patch - Max backpack now = 36

The patch only restores one previously bought bugged SDU, whether you bought one or two.

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I am okay with that as long as it lets me repurchase the last backpack upgrade. Because I purchased two that were bugged

I want 39!

I need 39! LOL


What about the bank?

Does the same situation apply for the bank as well?

What platforms are folks playing on that are stuck at 36?

Actually I couldn’t say because when I reported it back then I posted a screenshot (top of thread) which shows I hadn’t bought all the bank upgrades, only all the backpacks. But then after that they had a fix to remove the ability to buy them, and as of today I posted the screenshot above in this thread showing that I bought also everything for the bank and my bank, as of today, is ok => 24 slots as it should be.

So I’m not sure for the bank.

EDIT : Here’s what I think I did (was 3 months ago…) => I first bought all bugged backpack upgrades and then only one bank upgrade. I then noticed the problem on the backpacks and posted the thread linked above. Then I bought the last bank upgrade. Then they had a fix preventing from buying both those. Was too late for me since I already had bought everything. As of today on that bugged character I have 24 bank slots, 36 inventory slots and Crazy Earl will only sell me ammo upgrades for now.

1: UVHM Inventory problem : is there a TPS bug forum somewhere please?[quote=“Jeffybug, post:16, topic:131677, full:true”]
What platforms are folks playing on that are stuck at 36?

I’m on PC. Screenshot a few posts above and then in the thread you replied several times to : here.

And yes, I don’t mind having lost 200 moonstones and i’d be more than ok having the last backpack upgrade show up again at Crazy Earl when backpack count is less than 39.

I mean if everything works except the last backpack upgrade it shouldn’t be too hard to patch a fix looking at the current backpack size and if it’s 36 then make sure Crazy Earl is restocked.

Also I can’t help but state that hopefully it won’t take 3 more months to fix it… Again… :neutral_face:

I’m on X360.

  1. Bought 2 bugged backpack SDU’s (with multiple characters) - post patch now 39
  2. Bought 1 bugged backpack SDU - post patch now 36 with option to upgrade the final one at Black Market (which i did to 39). A 2nd character where 1 bugged backpack bought - post patch 36 with no option to purchase final one.

Same with Bank.

Does not seem consistant?

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It’s very consistent for me. It only restores one SDU (3 backpack slots) if I bought the bugged ones before the update (33->36). SDU’s are sold out at Earl’s, so I can’t buy the last one. It allows me to buy the 2 SDUs at Earl’s if I had not bought them before the update (33->39).

I’m on the 360. I don’t think it’s related to gaming platform. It seems like a logic issue restoring what was already bought.