Backpack Sort by Value

So, In the new game the inventory sort has been somewhat changed. Sorting by type or company doesn’t discreetly have headings of each type or company, and value sort has been utterly replaced with a generally useless item score sort. Item score first off is a very general rudimentary way for someone that knows nothing about the stats to have some guess as to what is a better gun by simply comparing one number. However, naturally, this score isn’t entirely accurate, and probably just values how many modifiers to the stats have been applied. This sort is generally useless. What it replaced, the value sort, is USEFUL and often important when your inventory gets full so you know what to drop first.

Tl;dr- PLEASE reintroduce the value sort feature you removed because that was useful!




I’m amazed they still haven’t corrected this omission.

I’ve mentioned this before and wholeheartedly agree.

Sorting definately needs some work. I don’t mind the new score thing, but no sort by value is a bummer. I miss that, it was very useful in previous games.

Sort by rarity kinda sorta does that.

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In a way, yes, but it’s still no sort by value. I’ve noticed that some common gear is as or more valuable than rare and epic loot. The annointments seem to make a big difference too. I’ve ended up dropping a rare item in favor of a common one several times.

I believe the bank should be sorted by the anointment (especially vault hunter)

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