Backup save file

I recently deleted my borderlands 2 character save file so that i can access a previous save state. This in turn deleted the character entirely. However, when i check my xbox hard drive, it says that a backup save file is still present. If this is making any sense. Im just wondering if this backup save file can be loaded and played? or do i have to a create a new character. thank you

and if not, what is the purpose of the backup save file, same as the save file that i deleted but just a few hours of gameplay less

I never tried to load the auto back up files. But I will say that the safest way to back up your characters is on a USB thumb drive. If you have Live you can back them up to the cloud as well.

On the hard drive, it automatically created a backup save file. Is it possible to recover my deleted save file by loading that backup file

Not that I know of. The game makes those backups at certain times and will, if the main save is corrupted, attempt to restore the backup instead. If the primary save is deleted, I think you’re pretty much out of luck. A few pointers:

  • As @AMG_75 said, you’ll need to make your own save onto a USB
  • Although the file name changes as you level, the 360 uses a different identifier for the file. Practical upshot is that you can’t have multiple versions of the same character on the same storage device: ANY attempt to copy a new version will automatically overwrite the old one
  • The backup files can often lag quite a way behind the main save. They get updated whenever you change character, or change game mode.

The Borderlands games don’t do multiple saves like some RPGs (eg Fallout series, Skyrim, etc.), presumably by choice of the developer.