Backup your game and characters!

Guys and Gals, invest in a USB. It will save your characters, your weapons and your playthroughs. A USB is inexpensive and to save your game takes no time at all. It only takes a couple of minutes to save a character that you have spent hours (literally days, months,…years) that you have built to be your badass Vault Hunter. So go out and buy yourself a USB and you can thank me later when your console/game crashes.



Yup. I have a pair each for PS3 and ps4.

@GUNZERKUS: You do have sense of humor :slight_smile:

You mean a flash drive?


Zerkus, you may well need professional help buddy.

Probably the simplest but best bit of advice I’ve seen on this forum. I lost quite a bit a while back
when my PS decided to go bye bye. Since then it’s saved to cloud and 2 x USB sticks for tripple

So please kids, do follow @GUNZERKUS advice and “Just Do It” but for god’s sake, dress

flash drive, usb stick…same thing.

But dont be me like I did with my Skyrim back ups: create 2 initials saves back to back, and back them both up.

Yeah, I never did this until here lately I see a lot of people saying they lost all their stuff for one reason or another.

But Playstation+ Gives you a way to backup your files on their server. Just enable the auto-upload and you get like an extra 100GB of storage.

That requires both a Playstation Plus Subscription and an active Internet connection. Using a USB thumb drive to backup your character data, while requiring an initial purchase cost, requires neither and is not impacted by a PSN or Internet connection outage. FYI, I have an active PSN / Xbox Live subscription but don’t save anything to the Cloud (except on Xbox One, where you have to).

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It is also a great way to farm Mission Weapons, like the Pimpernel, Sandhawk, etc. to get multiple prefixes and/or elements.

Going to bring this topic backup (no pun intended) with pictures. Just had a fellow Vault Hunter not sure how to backup his game saves after losing all his weapons. So, I thought I should give you guys and gals a step by step guide on how to backup your characters and profile.

First, go to settings.

Next, go to Application Saved Data Management.

Next, go to Saved Data in System Storage.

Next, go to Copy to USB Storage Device.

At this point, plug a USB Stick into the PS4.

Next, you will have a list of the games that can be copied. Click on the Borderlands icon.

Now you select whatever game saves and Profile data you want to backup on to your USB Stick and then click on Copy.

Now you have your characters, weapons and playthroughs backed up on a USB.


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