Backwards Compatibility: Saves Not Appearing From 360 Cloud

I uploaded multiple saves onto the cloud via on the Xbox 360 and when I load up BL2 (backwards compatibility version) on my Xbox One I’m only seeing three characters out of the 7-9 that I’ve uploaded to the cloud.

Double check that the backwards compatible version of BL2 is the full game and not missing any of the DLC. I’m not entirely sure exactly what’s included in the bc version, but you may also want to see if there are any updates pending for it.


I actually just bought the digital version today as my physical copy is back home. I’ve done already checked for any missing DLC (that I own that is) as well as any updates.

I’ve done submitted support tickets through Gearbox. Is it necessary to submit support tickets to 2K as well?

2K and GBX is the same support form, so no. I would suggest hitting MS support to ask what’s included in the b/c BL2 version by default.

Why should I ask MS about what’s included with B/C BL2 by default? I’ve checked under the game itself in “My Games & Apps” and I have everything downloaded that I own.

I haven’t used the BL2 backwards compatible title myself. However, when the BL1 version came out, it didn’t automatically include all the DLC. That was subsequently fixed. The main issue here being that the backwards compatible versions are essentially packaged by Microsoft with the publisher/developer’s permission. The second reason being that the issue may also be a DRM one, where the system does not recognise that you have rights to the full game; that would be something only MS could fix.

I’d rule out the DRM possibly being an issue as I’ve been able to play it both with the digital and physical copy.

I’m hoping I can get an official response on both of my forum posts.


The only other thing that comes to mind is that earlier in the year BL2 b/c version was featured in the “free games with gold” promotion, but it was only the vanilla game and not the full GOTY version, so didn’t include the dlc. I don’t know if it’s possible to determine whether you have the correct version downloaded or not - unfortunately, the files system on XB1 is extremely opaque. But you should be able to get a good guess from the size of the game data on disk - the full BL2 with all DLC is pretty big (should be about the same size as the HC BL2 which iirc you also have?)

I purchased the base BL2 game two days ago through the Microsoft store. I’ve owned all the DLC (besides some HeadHunter Packs) ever since those respective DLCs we’re released. Because of me already owning all the major DLCs I didn’t care to buy the GOTY edition. I’ve made sure all the DLC I own were downloaded.

Yes, I own the physical copy of HJC.

The you should be able to add those; just not sure exactly how it works with the b/c version, as it’s not something I ever had to deal with. MS support may be able to help with that, since it’s basically a store question. Good luck - please post back if you manage to get it sorted!

What’s the point of adding those DLC if I never had them on the BC? Wouldn’t adding those DLC to the BC cause more issues with my saves?
Let alone I’d have to reupload my BC saves to the in-game cloud and get them on the HJC.

OK, at the start of this thread you were talking about the fact that your cloud saves weren’t all downloading to the b/c version, and those that did were missing items. This is most likely because you are trying to use saves in the base game that contain gear/items from the DLCs in their inventories or equipment slots (or are mission items from DLC missions).

The only way you can get those to work is by having full access to the DLC in the version of the game you are trying to use them in. Which I had assumed was the whole point of having the b/c version on your XB1 in the first place.

If you want everything in your original saves from the 360 in the Handsome collection version, you’ll either have to do it direct from the physical 360 to the HC on XB1, or you’ll have to have the full b/c game on XB1 for the intermediate transfer. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this. Any time you try and access saves in a particular version of the game, you will only get the items/saves you can access for that version (and what’s installed on the console it’s running on.) It’s how the MS DRM works.

Not sure if this was what you were trying to achieve from the beginning or not - it’s a bit hard to try and help someone when they’re posting in two separate threads (which makes it look like they’re trying to deal with separate problems).

My apologies if I’ve missed the point; I hope you manage to get your saves sorted properly.

At the start of the thread I stated that I only a few of my saves were showing up in the BC BL2 on the Xbox One. I never stated anything about missing items in this thread. I made a separate forum post regarding missing items in the HJC.

I have all DLC that I’ve owned on the 360 currently downloaded and installed. Again, my issue in this thread has nothing to do with missing in-game items.

My issue in this thread has to deal with saves that were uploaded to the Xbox 360 Cloud Storage. The feature that is enabled for gamers to upload game saves into. I’ve uploaded about seven saves into the Xbox Cloud Storage and only three have shown up in the BC BL2.

I have the BC version on my Xbox One to finish a couple achiements, and to help upload saves to the HJC. That’s besides the point in this thread though. I made a second thread detailing my issues with saves freezing when downloading them on HJC and the saves that did download were missing items.

I apologize for any confusion, as I made two separate threads to try and avoid creating any confusion.


EDIT: My other post concerning my issues with the HJC.

And this is not something that GBX can fix, since it’s not an issue with the game code. There are two possible causes I can think of:

  • The system has not yet sync’d the missing saves to your XB1 for some reason
  • The system has not registered your ownership of the downloaded DLC properly

For the first, it could simply be that the system needs a bit of a kick.

Note that the second item is separate from registering the game itself if these were downloaded as separate items. I’m not entirely sure how the b/c BL2 version is structured in this regard - the BL1 b/c version appears to exist as a single file including all DLC (although the system isn’t really clear since you can’t see the actual files.)

You could see if the system will re-sync all the files by doing a full power reset (unplugging the power brick from the mains, pressing the start button, waiting until the light on the brick goes out, then reconnecting). The other thing you could try doing is simply clearing the local save data so that when you start the game up again it re-syncs with the cloud.

Other than that, you’ll just have to see what the support folks have to say.