Backwards compatibility

i hope Aliens CM gets on the list for backwards compatibility i have a xbox one and miss this game along with borderlands 1
what do u guys think

That would take someone acknowledging they actually made the game. As you can read in another post, SEGA and gearbox publicly say the other is responsible for the “support”. SEGA says its gearboxes job to fix issues and support the game. gearbox says they can’t do anything solely because SEGA won’t let them.

Have you tried Alien Isolation?

yeah it was fun and boring at the same time. i didnt finish it. im more action then survival. i know cm came out horrible with bugs and crap graphics but i still had fun mobbin around with friends shooting xenos. and doing the challenges. isolation is great if u like survival but i love shooting things way to much and playing coop. so i hope to see it. hopfully sega does the right thing and allow it and let gearbox fix whatever issues its still having

I believe there’s a poll on or something like that to vote for your favorite game to be added to the backward compatibility list. The top X number of games get placed on the priority queue so to speak for Microsoft to begin the process and at the moment I believe Black Ops II is at the top of that list.

That being said, getting ACM to be included in the backwards compatibility list is a tall order for 2 reasons:

1 - It would have to get enough votes to even be considered
2 - It would require the help/support of Gearbox & Sega, which doesn’t seem very likely.

At this point your best bet would be to just get the game on PC instead and enjoy the graphical upgrades.

yeah its to bad i have a laptop

yeah thurs some hope its got like 1400+ votes never know man

Well I suppose from a convenience standpoint it would be nice to be able to play the game on Xbox One, however for me if the game doesn’t have some sort of graphical update then there’s really no point in revisiting it. There has to be some sort of incentive to play the game again and if there really isn’t anything new then personally I’m not interested.

Another thing to keep in mind is the one thing that actually saved ACM was multiplayer. Without it I very much doubt that people would have played the game after they beat the campaign. And considering that most of the ACM multiplayer community has moved on to other games, especially on consoles IMO there’s really no point in revisiting the game.

For me personally the only thing that makes sense at this point is to play the game on PC, however I’m in the same boat as you in that my PC (video card to be exact) is not quite up to par. That will change however once Street Fighter V comes out…since Capcom decided to screw over all of the Xbox One owners the only way to play the game besides getting a PS4 is to get it on PC. At that point I’ll upgrade my video card and get Street Fighter V, along with ACM.

true man thats whats up
id still enjoy it even with the crap graphics cuz even though it was a basic shooter i was shooting xenos and it had coop campaign which honestly not everyone does. but what u say makes total sense no doubt

Still believes campaign is better then the multiplayer.Multiplayer is fun but with campaign ,you get the Aliens movie sequel feel which in my opinion is the greatest Aliens experience ever.I haven’t gone more then 2 weeks without playing the campaign since release-only because i was on vacation.I will usually play 1 or 2 ACM missions on campaign every/everyother week.I honestly think I wont ever get tired of ACM campaign and multiplayer.Patiently awaiting another Aliens shooter for nextgen whether its an ACM sequel or a new Aliens shooter with a different story.

I prefer the multiplayer better because in campaign the Alien AI is rather lacking, making them for all intensive purposes cannon fodder. But if you’re playing against a human player, the Alien is significantly more intelligent, making them that much more dangerous. I like a challenge what can I say.

Imagine if every Aliens A.I for Campaign was as smart as a human opponent trying to be sneaky…Youd die like a million times like Alien Isolation(which I still haven’t played all the way thru).I wouldn’t want that personally.I do love the Lurkers A.I in ACM campaign.When I do certain missions…Those Lurkers appear–then disappear…Then end up behind you real quick…Jumpscaring the hell out of me.Its very easy to lose track of Lurkers in ACM…Even some of the Alien Soldiers take different routes sometimes–depending on what you do or how you move.We all know its not perfect-but I still love it.How you been M.Y?

Not too bad. Been playing alot of Exo Zombies to pass the time. I’m thinking about finally getting ACM on PC…once I upgrade my video card.

Good to hear M.Y–Im oldschool…Im playing Dragons Crown and ACM for PS3 still…I went back to PS2 recently for Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy–Probably going to play some Madden 2001 soon–And my August once a year Onimusha WarLords run from beginning to end…Onimusha is unreal and still stands tall…Absolute Classic.Still no PS4 for me yet…My girl says I don’t need another system.Hope everyones summer is going well ; ) And Spider-Man for PS1 is on the to-do list

Hopefully it does get backwards comp.
My kids are bugging me for an xbox One console.
But if i can’t play my favorite game on it then it’s a no go.