Bad Anointment Pools?

There’s been plenty of talk about certain gear (ASMD, Woodblocker, Tina’s Hippity Hopper, etc) showing up way too often in the general loot pools.

As I have been farming over the last few days, I also notice that the two possibly most crap anointments (“while sliding” and “while airborne”) also seem to drop disproportionately. These are observations over hundreds of anointed drops, over days… not “I seemed to get more of those tonight”.

So, the question is… anyone else noticing this? What are your thoughts on this given that the general anointed drop rate has been cut down?


Feels weighted to me. The worse an anointment, the more likely it is to appear. Like the 25% extra critical damage ASE one, which pops up more for me, as opposed to the 100% damage ASE one (which would give a 100% extra critical damage bonus) which seems less common.
I’d like to think they all have the same chance and some are better than others, but definitely doesn’t feel that way. Maybe someone has actual numbers, though?

Those are my favorite anointments, and am not flooded with Woodblockers or Hippity Hoppers (went through an ASMD phase for like a week a month or two ago); I am not noticing this.

Kinda seeing the jump and slide more often but I also see annointeds that give accuracy and handling much more.

I think sliding wouldn’t be bad if the ASE slide lingers the bonus around for 10 seconds and as for jump… I don’t know. I guess it’s better than adding “Slam Annointed” which thank god that don’t exist

Everything seems to come in waves for me, except Malak’s Bane that ■■■■ won’t leave me alone. Like for instance I hadn’t more than a couple dictators or cutsmans until a couple weeks ago now then they started dropping like crazy. RNG is just that random, with this many legendaries/anointments it’s difficult to argue anything without tens of thousands of samples


HippyHoppies are amazing.

Airborne accuracy is AMAZING for shotgun jumping. Because it means you can land a lot on a crit. And also, the fun part about Non-ASE Anointments is that you can use them whenever.

Flier Rate (airborne fire rate) seems pointless af doe

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Ok… I’m sorry… I see that I have steered the discussion away from the point by rating the anointments.

Point of discussion… certain anointments happening more often.

Again, I apologize… please discuss.

I always thought anointments were weighted toward class specifics. Non-class specifics, I doubt that those are weighted. They might be weighted for certain weapon types, so a Super Shredifier with 1% consecutive hits anointment would be rare. But, I just think it’s just RNG.

As for airborne/sliding anointments, they shouldn’t have made them into separate anointments. They should’ve been like the Antifreeze COM, where both conditions proc the same buff. Having so many anointments dedicated to a niche mechanic and combined with the meager drop rates, just exacerbates the player’s frustration.


100% confirmed by my observations…