Bad ass rank in the future

I think this idea warrants it’s own thread. It started as a comparison of weapon proficiency to bad ass rank.

The most important feature I need is to be able to disable individual boosts from the bad ass rank boosts. That would fix most of my issues with it.

Continuing the discussion from bl1 and bl2 comparison:


What I love about proficiencies is that the game rewards you directly for your style of play.
So… how about if they extended proficiencies to everything then?

and my response.

IF you use turtle shields a lot then your turtle shields get even higher shield capacity and lower recharge delay.

Use amp shields a lot? Your amp shields get a shorter delay and higher amp damage.

Roid shield bonus: longer delay and higher roid damage.

In other words, logical bonuses would be applied to heavy usage of any type of item. Tesla grenades would grow in size and damage.

I forgot about BL1 proficiency. I like that better than Bad Ass Rank. Wouldn’t mind if they expanded on BL1 proficiency. Maybe if you use a certain gun enough you can unlock a small weapon skill tree or unlock perks you can choose for a certain character. Making each weapon better for your style and character your using.

Uh, this is cool and all.

But so far this thread has been just quotes from the other thread.

If you want my opinions, find them there.

I know. Kinda lame. But I noticed that thread was getting off topic and I felt like future BAR could use it’s own topic in general.

My idea would be a combination of the two- take the weapon specific BAR stats out of the BAR and put them back into weapon proficiencies. Let the BAR be strictly for challenges like how many enemies you kill with elemental damage or how many of a enemy type you killed. And of course, allow the player to disable one or both of them (for all the hardcore fanatics out there)…

How about this as a hybrid of both. Keep the bar challenges and once you get a token the choices to spend it on are specific by gun type maybe even by manufacturer. For example: Ar damage, SMG mag size, sniper recoil reduction etc. Or for manufacturer Dahl with damage boost, jakobs for mag size, maliwan with fire rate. But each weapon type can have dam,mag,fr,acc,recoil red, etc. Not specifically locked to a stat same for manufacturer

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I argee with this