Bad Ass Rank reset glitch on Splitscreen

So here’s the issue I am having with BL2 on the PS3.

First, me and my friend play games old school. This means, two people on a couch, playing a game on the same system, and under only my system’s name. We play splitscreen with our two characters, Maya and Krieg. We haven’t had problems with the game until yesterday.

So, we boot the game up. A message flashes, saying something about “profiles synced” and suddenly, my Maya has like 25 Badass tokens. Which, I didn’t think much of. Then we load the characters and take a look at our Badass stats. While my Maya’s is there, and no changes, his Krieg’s are GONE. There is nothing listed there…but the challenges are still there and either complete or in progress.

So I exit out, and decide to investigate. I load the Krieg profile as a SINGLE PLAYER. No splitscreen. And what do you know, his Badass stats are there! But if you play this Krieg as a SECOND PLAYER in splitscreen, his Badass stats are gone.

Is there anything to fix this, so when me and my friend play splitscreen, the second player’s character’s Badass stats don’t go poof? What can be done to fix this glitch?

Im experiencing the same problem but not on splitscreen in fact in my ps vita but my BA rank and tokens and also stats are gone but my level 61 gaige,zero and salvador the challenges are complete but i still have not found a fix to this i asked gearbox at twitter if theres anything i can do for it to come back.

Drop a line in to our support team at, and they should be able to help you out with BA rank issues.

On PS3, the games are tied to your playstation profile, which is set up when you start using the playstation. BL2 and TPS read the profile as a single persons character account. Character accounts are individual per user, and all characters under that account share BA rank and tokens. When couch co–op on the same character account, the warning message will come up that the BA ranks cannot be saved due to the shared character account. When this comes up, no BA rank/tokens earned will be not be saved.

This isn’t/wasn’t a glitch, but how playstations work. A way around that is to create a secondary Playstation profile. The playstation will treat the profiles as separate users complete with their own profile saves, access to games, and what have you. When a couch player is joining in, they can select the secondary PS profile, and all BA rank and tokens gained through the play will be saved.


Great suggestion Maxageddon. Unfortunately, this option did’t work for me and my wife. The same thing is continuing to happen - regardless of which profile the account is set up on. Have you come across any other ways to circumvent the issue?

Thank you in advance!

Weird, usually if you select the secondary profile when loading the second character there isn’t an issue. Sorry, I don’t think I know of any other work around for this