Bad Ass Tokens reset: Something is wrong with my game (for better or worse)

I recently lost all of my OP levels that were avaible in my characters (zero, maya, sal and axton) and I had to do it all over again.

It took me a very long night and a lot of coffe.

I posted the situation here, but never figured out what happened.

Now my badass tokens were reset.

'M not saying it’s a bad thing… but I have no idea why this happened.

The bad part is that i had unlocked all skins and heads, but I also lost them

To make things clear, I don’t use save editor or modded gear.

So, once again, it’s a mystery :frowning:

happened the same to me in pc, no answer yet

perdí toda la weá, y pasa de vez en cuando

I have had that happen twice lost all my skins and I’m still trying to get them all back