Bad frame rate and gpu utilization on a new pc

Pc specs: 380x, i5-4460, win 10. Game runs like ■■■■. Yes, I have deleted my config files, and everything. Gpu usage is not 100%, but jumping between 0-100%, average usage around 50. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be 100% especially when I get dips below 60fps?

when you installed the game, does it do it’s First Time Setup? Or just it just launch it right out of the gate. I had an issue on Windows 10 where it wouldn’t launch the FTS and install the files it needed to to run optimally.

There’s your answer.

Yes, it first starts to a setup screen.

Yes like the bl2 splash screen but I mean when it first starts does it say like “installing direct runtimes” etc

I went ahead and did a clean install earlier today. If I recall correctly, there was no such thing. I (propably) get what you mean now, the little steam window that says installing api:s etc.

Yeah. If bl2 or any game for that matter doesn’t install the APIs they need, performance is garbage. I’ve spoken to gbx about this already and Joe’s reporting it to the team. It may also be a steam issue but we’ll see.

Thanks, you are a lifesaver.

I do what i can to ensure the Borderlands franchise can be enjoyed on all operating systems. For now it seems you’ll have to deal with the bad framerates unless you want to migrate back to Win7.

Thank you. I did some performance tweaks in the .ini file. The game is playable, never going below 45 fps, but it just doesn’t make sense that I can run games like BF4 on ultra better than Borderlands 2 with “low performance pc tweaks”.

Yo i know that feeling. When I was on windows 10 I ran Crysis 3 maxed out with a constant 60FPS, but BL2 ran like trash. Still suffering from some interesting frame issues but only when I stream bl2. Turned off the Steam FPS counter and that seemed to help a bit but meh.

Yeah. I had some problems with fraps, so I went by my gut feeling, also checking the framerates in msi afterburner after gameplay.