Bad Ghalt bug =(

Sometimes after activating Dual Wield, your guns are graphically firing but not doing any damage. Happened twice this morning in an hour.

I don’t need to ramble about how bad this is, but can someone please look into fixing it?

Thanks =)

Will try and recerate if I can, but I did take a video PS4 the second time

Another thing to add, not sure if intended or not but if that’s intended it’s pretty stupid :
If you hook someone too close to you he’ll go through your body and land somewhere far behind you.
I believe this happen because a target is always “pulled” the exact same distance all the time.
I saw this bug once and didn’t try to reproduce it (because… you know, I try to win my matches)


I’ve been on the receiving end of that several times… Saved my life!

The dual wield glitch may have something to do with receiving an overshield… I vaguely recall being overshielded at the time… will double check

I’ve ran into an issue where I have no guns, and he doesn’t do any damage. Its pretty funny because you can see him tying to fire a gun that just isn’t there, I usually have to teleport back to base or die if that happens.

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Wow lol

I’ve seen some bots that play ghalt do this. Its freaking weird dude. It has made my warm ups match a breeze which i do not like.

I’ve had this issue as well. Ghalt and Foxtrot seem to have some serious issues with their guns.