Bad Legendary Items and how to change them

This is supposed to be a feedback and suggestions thread for items that are widely regarded as bad, underpowered or otherwise underperforming by the community. Just add an item to the post that either has not been adressed yet or that you feel like could do with a different change, describe what is wrong with the weapon and how you would go about changing it. Just to start it off:

  • The Maggie. The issue with the Maggie is a rather easy one: It does not do enough damage after the nerf. Even if all projectiles hit you are only looking at about 1300ish damage per shot which isn’t particularily great. Chances are, you are gonna miss a bunch of your bullets too, due to the spread. I suggest the base damage to be raised from about 215x6 to 350x6 which would grant you about 2100 damage if all projectiles hit. This would put it about on par with the Duc at close ranges but not quite outperform pistols like the Unforgiven or the Kings/Queens Call for mid-to long range crits. Please, it’s just a shame that what used to be the best Jakobs Pistol in Borderlands 2 has become the worst one in Borderlands 3.
  • Malak’s Bane: It uses too much ammo, particularily in shotgun mode. Reduce the ammo cost in Sniper mode to 1 and maybe make the shotgun fire mode actually draw from the Shotgun ammo pool rather than just deleting all of your sniper ammo in seconds.
  • The Lob: Haven’t found one myself but I’ve heard from reliable sources (and I would indeed consider Joltzdude reliable) that it is currently bugged and does barely any damage, far less than is listed on the item card. Might wanna look into that one.

The Lob is garbage for sure.

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Gearbox is and already has balanced a few guns and they said they will continue.

Best we can do is provide constructive criticism

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That’s what the post is meant for, yes.

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Hellfire could use a buff to it’s fire damage. In my opinion at least, it should have the highest amount of incendiary dps of all the smg’s, but as it stands it is outperformed in incendiary by several smg’s that can roll any element.


Do you mean the Hellfire? Because I don’t think there is a Firehawk in Bl3 other than Lilith.

woops, yeah the hellfire, not the firehawk lol.

So used to using the hellfire with Lilith in the first BL I got it wonky in my head for a sec

Another one:

  • The Baby Maker. It uses ridiculous amounts of ammo. The damage is by far too low to justify using 400 pistol ammo for a single full mag toss. Every time I used it I found it decent until I ran out of ammo within 2 minutes despite having maxed out my pistol ammo SDUs. Like, Jesus Christ, how are you supposed to use that thing properly? Reduce the ammo used per throw to what is left in the magazine or at least to not surpass 50 per throw.
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  • The Butcher (only tiny 10 mag) with 400x6 that eats 2 bullets is useless compared to the one with 500x3 that eats only one bullet, because the special effect of randomly adding bullets while shooting doesn’t work anymore. With the x6 I shoot 5-6 times and it reloads everytime, with the x3 I sometimes shoot 20-40 times in a row (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,…) without reloading and it rocks like the one in BL2 did.

Yeah, the Baby Maker normally is a SMG and I honestly would prefer it to be an SMG like it was.
Additionally the firerate of the Baby Maker now also is ridiculous low and no fun.
But to answer your question, how to use it properly -> Don’t reload manually!

And yeah Malak’s Bane is useless, doesn’t do enough damage in either sniper or shotgun mode and the shotgun empties valuable sniper ammo within 30 seconds. Using the Malak’s Bane does only one thing -> You will die!

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Thing is, it’s not a gun you would wanna use until you’ve emptied the magazine because it’s really not good at shooting, as you already said the Rate of Fire is way too low.

  • Sleeping Giant: Not a bad gun per se but can we please get some kind of indicator what bonus has been applied? Because the only time you really can tell is if it’s gotten the fire rate boost. Maybe add a little sound or effect when it procs some sort of skill or just have some indicator to show if and what bonus is active.
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Superball - Deals bonus damage to ignited enemies
Krakatoa - Has a chance to ignite, but instead of igniting, it summons the small volcano that spews projectiles and those projectiles ignite whatever they hit

I like this suggestion, this is a good idea.

  • Bone Shredder: Admittedly not a legendary but yeah, still felt like it’s worth mentioning. Great gun but borderline unusable on any other character than Moze. I mean, 3 ammo per shot with a rate of fire of over 10… You’ll just run out unless you have made some heavy investment in ammo preserving or regenerating skills. Considering the Bone Shredder has been an SMG in previous games, meaning it could benefit from a higher ammo pool as well as it using only 2 ammo per shot, not to mention the fact that in Borderlands 1 it could spawn as a Saviour Hybrid granting it ammo regeneration I feel like the Bl3 version just got the short end of the stick in terms of ammo efficiency. I’m honestly not even sure why it’s a Vladof Pistol because I feel like it could’ve made for a great Dahl SMG.
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  • Pain is Power: Reasonably good, however you being able to boost the self-damage on it is just stupid. Like, elemental Amara with this thing just dies. Especially you you additionally have an anointment that further boosts weapon damage. Like, can we change the self-damage to be static and only affected by your level?
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Totally agree. The lucky 7 pistol is awesome because you can see what bonuses you get. Having the same effect added, with a single display presumably, would make the sleeping giant so much better. =]