Bad Loot Drops?

I dont get it. No matter what I farm I get junk, rarely a legendary, even with this event. Playing TVHM M3, I keep reading about people getting 2-4 legendaries per boss kill, wth am I doing wrong? I am lucky if I get one legendary every 30 minutes…

Are you seeing the “Hotfix applied” sign in the main game menu before you start your session? The event is enabled via hotfix, so if you started your session before it got applied you wouldn’t have the event enabled.

Yes, I did see it and am sure it was applied. Just ran gigamind 3 times and got 1 legendary. Is it just me or should I be getting a lot more?

I don’t think the drop rate has been adjusted that high. Also, since drops are random, you’ll get runs of good and bad luck on that. Just keep at it! I got four tonight over about a 2-hour period from a few rare spawns and 4 proving ground runs.

In my experience Gigamind is at least a one orange average. Granted I haven’t switched out of Mayhem 4 since it was introduced but I’d almost feel cheated if there wasn’t one.

Of course it’s usually a woodblocker or black ham, but still!

Heh…just ran it to M4…got nothing…

Giga is a quirky lil nog, I’ve gotten anywhere from 0 - 6 legendarys per run from him. Just keep hitting him and he’ll cough up the goods eventually!

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I find Agonizer 9000 to be the most generous with legendaries. I haven’t gotten what I’m specifically looking for from him, which is a SNTNL anointed Dictator, but I’ve seen many other nice legendaries and purples.