Bad news vault hunter. I tried to feed one

what the hell did he try to feed? The rocket hasn’t left yet.

Probably some weird time-dilation relativistic effect meant you got the transmission before it was sent. Yeah, that’s it… :wink:

Lol I think about that every time I complete that mission. Should have just left that out.

um i guessing you talking about the thresher mission? it happens a few points in the story, like the end cutscene. The subtitles come up early is what your talking about

Not just the sub-title text (which seems to be all over the place with regard to timing) - Hammerlock actually tells you what happens after the threshers arrived while they’re still on route!

haha havent done that mission in a while. gotta do it again now!

Which mission is this? I don’t seem to have come across it yet.

Forget the title, but you get it from the bulletin board in Concordia.

It’s kinda odd, since it always seems to be offered at level 11, but I’m always well past that when the mission becomes available. It’s not there until you’ve handed in the missing wife and Merriff echo quests, but it’s appearance seems to depend on were you’ve got to in the main story rather than simply completing side quests from the same board.

Well, nothing bad can possibly come of a bloodthirsty thresher called Terry being sent to Pandora.

Home delivery. you are sent by sir hammerlock to find some exotic moon life forms known as “moon threshers” and send some to him, but after the mission they escape and are extremely subtly hinted to be old slappy and terramorphous