Bad performance, dizzy, sick

Here is a video of my game experience. I am playing single player, with FPS at the top left, In my opinion it looks like an Xbox 360 game and notice how it goes from 60 down to 14, 17 , 30 etc, its very jarring with all the effects and makes me dizzy and slightly sick, ending with me getting a headache and having to close the game.and when I try to aim it feels like the cross hair is floating and lagging behind my movement.

This is with all the settings off or on low, I show the settings at the end.

I challenge anyone to show me smooth gameplay without jarring fps drops, of course you have to show the fps in real time, like I did, maybe if you have a £600 gpu, you won’t experience this? I don’t know, maybe its on my end but I see from a google search I am not alone.

Intel Core i5 4670k@ 4ghz
16GB Ram
2 x amd 7950
Intel 730 SSD
Only battle born steam, MSi after burner and OBS.

My experience is the same if I am recording or not, I am recording to a seperate hard disk and the game uses around 30% of my cpu.

If the video is not sufficient quality I can re up, plus if this is not enough I can link you to my live stream on steam and this happens on all levels.

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