Bad RNG or just a bad shield?

I’m not that savvy with all the items in B3 so I’m wondering if anyone can provide insight. I got this legendary shield and I’m just curious why it seems so much worse than the green shield I’m using even though they are the same level.

I mean is it just bad RNG? Does the legendary shield do something else that is not listed that makes it good? Is the 1k dmg on shield break much better than it sounds? Or maybe the shield is just really bad?

By the name it looks like something that should interact with the terror effect but doesn’t seem to. I’m just really confused what the point of this shield is?

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Apparently Scream of Terror has a hidden function. It mindcontrols enemies around when you are at high terror stacks. I am not keen to this shield so didn’t test it myself. Zane cryo users might be more concerned in since it’s always cryo.

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Well, novas will almost always have less capacity than a spike of the same level, and a faster delay, because they’re meant to break, clear out the area a bit, and come back, whereas spikes need to last longer to give more damage out.