Bad*ss Bonus..?

Fyi- First post here.

At the time of Borderlands 1, I played on xbox 360, but didn’t have internet at the time. My xbox gaming history even shows 88% of the achievements completed, 70/80. However, my xbox HDD at the time malfunctioned, so my local save was lost.

Because of that issue, i started part of Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel on PC. I beat all 3 of these, then eventually re-purchased the Handsome Jack Collection on XOne.

My question is…i’ve noticed my friends that have opened brand new saves on the Pre-Sequel have started with 5000 bad*ss points, among other in-game bonuses. Should i expect to miss out on these bonuses for BL3? Is this down to completing a campaign on this console before BL3 releases, or do i just need to have a save file created beforehand?

I’m assuming this mechanic reads save data itself, but, because that isn’t available in my case… Honestly I’d like to have access to the same loyalty bonuses everyone else seems to be receiving, considering i’ve purchased multiple entries of the series on more than one console.

Any info here?

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Badass points are basically account based. So anything they accumulated on that game with their account is shared between all their characters but it doesn’t carry over between titles unless I missed something. I know I didn’t start TPS with all my BL2 points.

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Badass ranks don’t carry over between games normally, the reason they started off with a bonus is they imported their last-gen saves to the Handsome collection. That only goes from BL2 to BL2 and TPS to TPS. None of that will carry over to BL3.

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As the other posters have noted, your Badass Rank total and points are profile-based, and apply to any and every character associated with that character in that game. Challenge completion, on the other hand, is unique to each save (across all play-throughs unless you acquire enough completed challenges to prestige your character.)

There’s also the Handsome Collection loyalty rewards, which are described here:

When it comes to BL3, I don’t think information about loyalty bonuses has been announced? Assuming it works in the same way as the BL1 GOTY Remaster rewards: it likely would be determined the first time you fire up the game and sign in to your SHIFT account, and would be determined based on having played the earlier games on the same platform (so XB1 in your case) while signed in to the same SHIFT account.

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I’m not concerned about the rank itself. It’s a bonus that they received in-game.