Bad, very bad news!

Read this, folks…
It talks about BF…but a sentence really creeped me out “The Grearbox Software Brothers in Arms REBOOT is itill in very early stage”


Hope this is not a reliable source.

Also an animated series.

I wonder why this was never made into a game.

As for any BiA Reboot has Gearbox stated anything officially?

woah,woah,woah,woah, reboot? Hold your horses GBX, you owe us the ending of Bakers Squad. You owe us the battle of the bulge, 1 more game that’s all we wanted, an ending to the story you started 11 years ago.

Next thing we know Valve will be announcing a Half-life reboot.

I won’t start worrying however since this is not official news.

But i want them to know that i won’t like it if they do a reboot.

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Yep, if there has been no official statement I wouldn’t really worry about it.

We all hope it…
I personally hope for an HD remaster of all the previous games…
But, yeah…a reboot would be an horrible thing to do.
Sort of…“disrespectful”.
Let’s wait for an officiale statement.
And let’s hope for better news!

I can understand the apprehension- reboots tend to go…Less than stellar, shall we say?

That being said there’s always a chance that it’ll work out for the best.

Or be cancelled.

But yes, an official statement is a better cue.

So what does a reboot mean? Giving the previous games a facelift and making them compatible with the newer operating systems?? Maybe it’s a way to generate some interest in the 4th installment with the younger generation of gamers?

“Reboot” Means “Hey, we put a famous title in a game that doesn’t connect at all with the previous games! So we sell more exploiting that title!”
An example of reboot is the new Tomb Raiders…They’re not proper sequels to the Lara Croft’s saga…but they’re completely different games.

Pretty much what Marco said.

A reboot would mean that the first 3 BIA never happened, lets start again from the beginning, with different gameplay mechanics to make it more “mainstream” and “accessible”

Ahhhhh, I appreciate the replies. Whereas I share the sentiment of wanting the final/next installment of the series, I have also expressed the desire that it not be the end of the series, just start a different story in another WW2 location. It would however really disappoint me if they go to a modern setting as I have zero interest in them.

Welp. Time to start making snow textures, uniforms, and maps and making our own canon ending to the series.

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I’m in. Do we mod HH or EIB? :acmboast:

Any news on the next Brother in Arms?

So there is this. Hoping it is going to be inhoused and not farmed like others have said.

Well, its better than nothing.

Sniper Elite 4 got announced, its set in 1943 Italy
I don’t say no to more WW2 games, and i always liked the SE series.

Italy? So, I might snipe my own grandparents…
(Luckly, none of my grandfathers fought…)

BiA is from GBX??
I didn’t know that xD

Well good news… if you google borderlands 3 you will see they let slip it will release end of next year. So, silver lining… we know they are going to spend at least one more year on the next BIA before it is done. Never a rushed game at gearbox… never. Fingers crossed for 2020. New console, new BIA. Maybe they are holding out to allow 2 player split screen coop, iffin the current ones can’t take it. BIA style of combat might make it hard on the console. I believe they got 4 player split screen on Borderlands recently(handsome jack collection). So maybe maybe they are getting some good practice in.

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I don’t really believe in rumors, and we all know release dates can change in the blink of an eye, so i am not really getting my hopes up.

Whatever and whenever it happens , i hope they know what they are doing, please! dont f* it up with BIA4, more classic BIA feeling needs to be put in, hope they don’t “modernize” it for the masses, HH was/is dangerously close to that.

Back to my hibernation cave :wink: