Bad, very bad news!

(Marcomi X) #21

Well…split screen coop isn’t a whole new thing on BiA…
Have you ever played EiB on the xbox? You can play the skirmish mission with a friend in split screen…

(Hi!) #22

ZOMG! Don’t you let me down, you GBX sombitches! Where’s botman?? I demand to speak with botman!!


(Currahee) #23

I don’t get it on why GBX won’t want to make the last game of the series. I’ve been talking to them and they said that they will think about it and still want to get on it. AND THEY STILL DIDN’T!

I swear I will go to their studio and practically scream at them,“You damn idiots! Make the last game now or I will burn your damn studio to the ground!” then I will cry myself to sleep.

As for the reboot; I will just shoot myself because the storyline that GBX choose out really touch me and I wanted to see what happen next after HH.

I would like to see the remaster game of the series.

(armitom) #24

soon my friend… soon… :confounded:

10 years later…

Sooooooooooooooon… -dead-

(Currahee) #25

Don’t worry man. I got you.

If you died and the game came out, I will find your grave and install a console of your liking and put the new game in there.

You may play your game in peace. Just make sure Jesus don’t know about it. :neutral_face:

(rwl2) #26

I think the article in the OP is still referring to Furious 4, TBH. So I wouldn’t get too worried about a reboot.

(LeYuno) #27

You know, I see a lot of people negative about the possible reboot message.
I want to remember you guys that it has been 9 (!) years since BIA:HH released. That’s 9 years we have been waiting for a new installment in this wonderful series. At this point, and especially seeing that Battlefield took the WWI route instead of the much anticipated WWII theme a lot of us were hoping for, I’d gladly take a reboot of Brothers in Arms. Anything that can fill the void of decent (authentic) WWII games in the last almost-decade.

After reading the news that a new BIA is in early pre production I felt exhiliarated. Finally we are going to get another authentic WWII shooter that is worth the money!!

(Marcomi X) #28

They want to make another WWII Game? FINE, GOOD!

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(LeYuno) #29

I dunno, I wouldn’t mind a new BIA set in Normandy, with better tech and destruction and stuff.

(Blenderised Mind) #30

Agree with this 100%. Love the setting and atmosphere of this time. Gosh, imagine a complete remake of the original games. :sweat_smile:

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(collverkevin) #31

That’s great and all, but can we finish Bakers Dozen’s story before expanding the BIA universe?

We can discuss potential avenues of expansion once Bakers story is concluded

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I’d recommend that new users read the forum rules before posting, thanks.

(Marcomi X) #34

So? You can’t criticize a gearbox game? Everything that gearbox does must be praised? Even if it’s pure trash?
If it’s like that, please ban each and everyone of us, because we think that gearbox is making horrible games right now.

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(Cheersploding as I type!) #35

Did you read the rules?

I’m guessing not.

Please do so. Then pm me.

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(Legendary Lunatic) #37

Please do NOT attempt to speak for anybody but yourself. Each one of us has the right to our own opinion, and I for one do not appreciate you trying to speak for me.

(Currahee) #39

Jesus, had the community mad? It’s very simple that Gearbox haven’t been making the game because they have other stuffs to do so making a BIA game won’t come around till later. I agree with rebelboy because Gearbox haven’t been making low-profit games, such as Battleborn and Alien: Colonial Marine. I’m not trying to get off a wrong hook here and am trying to choose my words carefully.

Everyone should know that Randy isn’t himself anymore, he been making fraud charges, lies, and keeping our hopes up for something that will never happen. I mean really? You comparing Hell’s Highway artwork to Call of Duty: WW2? That just absurd. Its not the people who work at Gearbox from making BIA. Its the CEO. I’m not pinning that Randy is a bad guy. He’s great and he is trying hard to keep this together. All we need is to give him some time to actually work on the new game. We all heard that Ubisoft Ontario and working on something so fingers crossed everyone. If Randy says that this is the best game series he ever works on, then let him do whatever he want because he still hadn’t forget us.

I appreciate What you trying to do there Marcomi, but sometime we have the rights to speak for ourselves.

Well that being said…

Long live Brothers in Arms! We’ll be going to Bastogne real soon and get this war over with.

(Marcomi X) #40

My problem was that a guy was flagged without a clear reason. Would you like to be flagged just because you said something you think, without insulting anyone?
I wrote clearly:“if we can only post praises to gearbox, ban us” don’t you agree?
If you wish to praise gearbox, well…you’re more than free to do so! But other people should be free to criticize it as well…

(Cheersploding as I type!) #41

To repeat: if you have any comment to make about moderation, pm one of the mods.

Flags occur not because of the opinions expressed, but how those opinions are expressed.

This is all made very clear in the forum rules.

(Marcomi X) #42

And I can’t actually find a single flaw in the comment of that guy.