Badaboom and Logan gun jumping with Zer0

Hi guys, I recently discovered a method that allows me to jump higher with a Logan gun than with a Badaboom rocket launcher. The video below (which is a little montage I made) shows it with the method in the description. You can jump so high with the Logan gun that you can get to the top of the Sanctuary tower in one single jump from the bottom. (That jump is at 7:45 in the video).

There are no mods used and my Badass rank is not that high; anyone can do it. I will point out that you will need to get drunk with the Grog Nozzle 3 times simultaneously, which is not hard, but it can be exasperating sometimes, and it is advised to do this with other people in the game and not alone because when you play alone the Grog Nozzle does not get you drunk as often. (I was not host in these games either and that might have a factor on how frequently the Grog Nozzle activates its drunk-effect). The Badaboom jumps in the video are a combination of double-drunk jumps and single-drunk jumps. Getting double-drunk is very easy when you play with other people.

The only triple-drunk jumps in the video are the Logan gun jumps and the Badaboom jump at 11:45.

The video is not the best quality. Sorry about that, I’m still getting to grips with my EzCap.