Badass Beta Feedback

So I have been playing the Beta for quite some time. I played the CTT way back then, and I’ve got to rank 60 in the Badass Beta.
I mainly played Meltdown and Mission, and only played a few character but I think I’ll be able to give decent feedback on the complete beta.
WARNING: Extremely long read. ;D


Meldown is a very interesting gamemode IMO. First of all, it forces you to work together. Every Battleborn has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and you need the help of other Battleborn to stay alive and put your own abilities to the max. Especially in taking down enemy minions, protected by enemy Battleborn.
Montana could be taking all enemy pkayer damage, while a great damage dealer like Orendi recks the minions and then continues by recking the enemy player.

Secondly, I love how Meltdown encourages players to target minions instead of enemy players. I know that you need to target both to win the game, but teams targeting enemy players only is going to lose. People will be less focused on their Kill/Death Ratio, and will be less competetive against their own teammates.

Which brings me to a negative thing about Meltdown. Score. I do not like and agree with the way you score is calculated. 2 points for a kill, 1 point for assist if I am right. I feel like this should be different for every single type of game mode. In Meltdown, minions should count much heavier towards your finals score, because killing minions and escorting your own is the sole purpose of this mode! And exp you gain in game is unfair in the same way, because killing gives you way too much exp compared to assists and minions kills.

I also ran into another issue. Enemies suiciding at your base. When an enemy is near your own base, and you almost kill it, they sometimes run towards my base and get killed by sentries. And I can’t remember ever getting the kill or assist for it. I feel like I must get the kill or assist for this, it’s unfair otherwise.

Note: I have not played a lot of incursion games, and do not have a lot to say about it.

I was not a huge fan of incursion. I will start with a mayor flaw which has been seen by loads of other players. The snipers sniping a sentry from the other side of the map. I’m sure you are already on that though.

I feel like incursion is very chaotic, with loads of minions running around and turrets being everywhere. The minions are a great annoyance to me, as a Miko player. I was barely able to heal my allies. It also gets pretty hard to target enemies when playing Ambra with all the minions running around.

Turrets… A team should not be able to build turrets in enemy territory IMO.

I did really like some things about Incursion. I loved the process of the game. Like, you slowly try to push the other team backwards to get to the enemy sentry.

Thrall camps! What genius created these things? It’s amazing to battle the Thrall to make your own team stronger. It takes some time, but the rewards is great and that’s simply amazing. Probably my favorite thing about Incursion. ;p


The Algoritm:
I liked the Algorithm a lot. I played the first part of it on the CTT loads and loads of times, yet I still enjoyed it just as much in the Beta. I loved how different every game could be with another team.
The Algorithm is quite long the first time you play it, maybe a tad too long, but the more I played it, the faster I got. (My fastest time is a game with Mellka and Thorn only. And 3 minutes of Marquis.)

I really liked the ammount of small bosses you encounter, and it’s great how different they are. The Ice Golem, with the weak spot. Arachnis,(Lord of all spider, huntin’ for some upgrades.:musical_note:) ISIC… You needed a different tactic for every boss, like COMPLETELY different, and that was amazing.

The mission was a bit buggy at times(ISIC final boss fight mainly.) but there are loads of topics about that already. One thing I have not heard about the ISIC boss though: He should not be able to walk through those blue walls. It can really mess with your own char and get you stuck.

The Void’s Edge:
Great, and escort mission! I felt a bit bad for escorting Wolf to his death, but he didn’t seem to mind anyways.

I liked this mission, but it seemed a bit too easy to me. Maybe because it’s only mission 2, but I never really seen wolf die.(Okay, only once…)
Like, not the whole mission was too easy, but mainly the escorting part. Wolf didn’t take damage easily, and when he did we’d just give him a shield and the biggest enemies couldn’t get to him. Me and my sister did this mission on advanced as Marquis and Mellka and we had no trouble with escorting Wolf.

The final boss on the other hand is quite hard. Not too hard, just quite hard. It gets very challenging in the end, when all the Varelsi keep coming at you. Love that part.

Mission overall:
Two things that really bothered me.

  1. You cannot do a kick vote against a certain player. I was with a team and one guy refused to stand on one of those pads that makes the game progress. Everyone left, and it was really close before the final boss of The Void’s Edge.
  2. When someone leaves, a new person can’t join in. I understand that the people who left need to be able to join back in when they want to, but they should do it in like 5/10 minutes and if they don’t, someone else can join.


Characters are all very different, and that is what makes this game unique. Something has to to be done about balancing, but I’m sure it will turn out great in the end.

I can’t say it enough. Backstory, lore, voice actors and character chatter. SPOT ON, guys. Spot on. (Where can I find the full theme song of Montana by the way?) I’m glad I have played The Void’s Edge with several different teammates, to hear what everyone is doing after the mission. ;p

The game is lacking supports though. I know Alani is going to be a support too, but only 5 supports? I understand that creating different kinds of supports must be hard, but I would love to see some more. (I’m hoping the PeaceKeepers will get a medic. ;p)

I like the helix, but some characters have a really dull helix.
I’ll give a character but I think most people will dissagree with me. ;p Marquis has a helix, that really doesn’t make him more special. Apart from Eins, Zwei… But this is more an opinion issue than a issue from the game.

So yeah, helix is great, awesome idea, makes the game new every time. Nothing bad to say about it, really.

The person who came up with this… Is it the same genius who came up with the Thrall camps? A lot of people have been complaining about the gear system, but I think it’s actually flawless(Well, except for those bugged gears… But they don’t count!) I do think the price for somelegendary gear is fair, and the system is just really amazing in general. I’ve got nothing bad to say about it, honestly.

I am having some problems witht he crowd control thingies. I am not able to see some things, and I am going to make a list:
Silenced: Whenever I am silenced, I have no idea that I am… Is this intended? If it is, it is really annoying, and I would be glad if it changed…
Wounded: I… I am not even sure if wound has ever applied to me.
(Miko’s) poison: I just see my life draining.

The only things I have ever noticed are (Mellka’s)venom, stun and blind.

And let’s notice wound once again. If I get what it does, it is RIDICULOUS. Okay, every character must have a pretty damn good counter. But no single character is allowed to make another character 100% useless. As far as I know, wound makes sure that you cannot be healed… Which means that if I am wounded, Miko cannot heal me. Which makes Miko 100% useless. WHAT?! That is, I’m sorry, just really stupid and extremely unfair. Adding to that, Gallilea can give someone a total of 10 seconds wound duration? So Miko against Gallilea is instant lose for Miko? Great. T_T

So in general, this game is amazing and it only needs a few little changes to be perfect(for me. ;3)
Thank you guys, for creating this game and also for looking at player suggestions and actually applying them to the game! :smiley: Makes me very happy to see how much you are involved in the community.
I already pre-ordered it(Like, after playing the CTT ASAP. ;p) and can’t wait for May! And may I be lucky enough to get that cool Miko figure. :mushroom:


Gearbox value thorough feedback!


I was planning to give feedback on every character too but decided to go to the character discussions for that. ^^’

But that’s cool! If I ever remember some important stuff I’ll add it ASAP. :3 Thanks Gearbox, for valueing too much feedback. ;p

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I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized enough to write up a feedback report like this or many of the others I have seen.

I just made the layout first and filled everything in randomly. (Like, very random. Started with Meltdown, stopped halfway, went to characters, CC, and got back to Meltdown. ;p Whatever got into my mind. I reccomend it.)

Meltdown: The biggest problem i see with this is that smaller, mobile characters are leagues better then the slower bulky characters in this game. First off there is just way to much things to get clipped on through out this entire map (maybe this point will go away with more maps but for now it is an issue). Not only that but not being able to easily jump over minions or that there are long lines of sight to get out of and your a big target. You need to be always running around repairing your turret, collecting crystals and spawning guys what makes a slower character (mostly bigger characters) have a disadvantage in this game mode. My last point being good team work is often needed to win this but usually the fastest team to clear one side and jump to the other or pretty much just having more bodies in a quickly started team fight usually leads to victory. Now with slower characters it becomes harder to keep up in these very fast pace and mobile conflicts. That is just my two cents about it.

Incursion: There are just to many things in this mode that leads to snowballing. Building turrets in enemy territory, having access to all the mercenary camps and shard crystals once you kill the first bot. It feels like it was done intentionally because otherwise the games could take forever. With score tie breaking being the worst loss you can get. Big and slower models really shine here because they have a safer point to retreat to and stay at making their speed less of an issue.

Story Mode: I all around liked, i did not get to experience any advance difficulties, could you even do that in a random group? I never noticed the option other then in private play, is that going to change in the actual game? I really liked how you get more loot in this mode what will encourage me to play it more. I wish getting better scores would add more loot packs or something cool.


I agree on the scoring system, it encourages players to care about KD ratio way too much, not only should killing minions count to your score but also taking down sentries and building them should count to it, specially on modes like Meltdown where they have a pretty important role.

The big problem with Incursion is that it’s almost impossible to bounce back once you start losing your first sentry, the snowball in this game mode is just too big.

when you’re silenced your ability icons are crossed out.

there’s an audible audio cue - hissing sort of like acid eating through.

I have one thing to say about the loot system( well the loot pack system anyways). First off i like the fact that you can buy faction lootpacks and that its not some arbitrary reward for doing something ridiculous a million times. However that being said(Specifically for faction loot packs) I feel like the chance to get a skin or taunt is really, really low. Maybe its just bad luck on my part(which it probly is) but i’ve seen very few of these skins. However what I feel shouldn’t happen with these loot packs is that you get 500 credits from them. I’m sorry but this is probly the most infuriating thing about these loot packs. It’s happened to me that I thought i was getting a skin but only got 500 credits. Again this is massively luck based but. The one thing that should NEVER happen is that you get 500 credits from a COMMANDER pack. These are supposed to GUARANTEE you a skin but i’ve gotten credits from them twice. And they’re limited in quantity so that’s an even bigger kick in the teeth.

In short I feel like the drops for skins and taunts might be a tad low for faction packs and the fact that getting credits from them instead of skins/taunts is a bad thing(especially from commander packs)

I actually played Incursion first as Isic it was also my first win the gameplay was pretty good thankfully we didn’t get any snipers hitting our sentry and I got like 3 kills so yeah it was fun

I wouldn’t stress too much about the loot pack drops. I have a feeling that they have been randomly testing loot drops while we were playing. Like one day I swear they were purposely testing legendary drops because I got about 7-8 by doing a few private story missions, and on that same day there were threads popping up here with people asking about and discussing their legendary items. Maybe they were just testing the credit drops and you lucked out. Regardless, whatever gear, taunts, or skins we did or didn’t get, we’ll all be back to square one at release.

I don’t mean to dismiss your grievances, just suggesting another possible reason for them.

am I the only one who didn’t even care about the loot packs and just played the game

Well they are still an integral part of the game. If everyone had ignored them and just played the game then it wouldn’t have given any feedback on drop rates. Testing every facet of the game is the point of playing a beta.

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You can’t build turrets in enemy areas unless you take out their spiders I think. Not sure if that’s what you meant.

Showing different status effects on the HUD is a good idea.

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there already is a directional heal indicator in the game, adding a name or icon to it would be confusing and add clutter to the HUD. If you don’t know that Miko is healing you then you need to work on your overall game awareness starting with remembering your team composition and skills.

Shield restoring(Kleeses rifts) also has an indicator. it’s all just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the cues that the game gives you - paying attention to them at first until they become natural.

I think it’s just you. During 50 hours of PvP only gameplay(which yields a lot less items/packs) I received around 10 skins, 4 taunts and 6-7 legendary items(two form faction packs)

i ran into a similar state of mind regarding the scoring. once i understood it all i resoled to not care, tbh. the most important player or players in the game will not always be reflected on the score sheet. ultimately there is no statistic that they record that shows how many minions that you made sure reached their grinder. it doesnt show up on the sheet, but it shows up on the score board. you win or lose based on those moves.

someone might literally go 30 and 0 and have 60 pts on that score sheet at the end of the game, but ill take my 20 pts on the other side with like 8 kills and a handful of assists, while escorting 250 worth of minions home any day of the week. #screwthescorecard

Sorry I didn’t know that as I usually play Miko. I think my in-game awareness is fine already but thank you for the suggestion.

Don’t take it personally,I meant “you” as any player that would have trouble seeing it. If you didn’t know: It shows on the HUD like a damage indicator “bracket”, but it’s green and VERY thick so it’s pretty easy to notice and keep track of.