Badass challenge Slag licked negative value of over 190 million?

Hey fellas
just started over in Borderlands with a new siren.
I know that the slag challenge always gets buggy above lvl 60 and in option with higher damage rates.
Im now on a run for platinum and just wondering if it will debug to normal values or if this character is unable to do the trophy anymore.
Right now my challenge shows -197481640/500
I tried to search Google and the forum here but only found topics about a buggy slag challenge but with positive values (so slag licked lvl0: +190million/500)
Any idea if this bug resolves the same as with a positive values or do I have to retry the run for the badass trophy with another character?
Thanks for helping :wink:

The number isn’t capped in the code, so it overflows and wraps around to negative values. It should eventually wrap back into positive territory, but it might take a while - that’s a LOT of slag damage. I suspect that most people hit by the bug select a different character to unlock the trophy.

Okay well the challenge triggered itself after playing for a while but didn’t change the value of it while playing with slag. Strange bug haha

Hallo habe hier ein Problem das bei lvl.1 Herausforderungen nicht auf lvl.2 überspringt obwohl die zahl deutlich übersprungen ist IMG_20190623_141712 IMG_20190624_164527

Merged into a thread with the same basic problem. Unfortunately, there is no simple fix for this - if you look at that first entry, it’s gone negative in both cases. That’s not entirely surprising given how high your % perks are - how in the world did you manage to get 159% in every category?

Well to be honest I didn’t cheat with my badass rank, but looks like someone did hustle a lot in BL2? :wink:
Good thing you didn’t show us your actual badass lvl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well like I said the problem solved itself by simply playing. I didn’t check the challenge all the time but after I reentered the game after 1-2 days the challenge was all cleared, so I was able to continue my platinum run :slight_smile:

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