Badass Palooza!

You know what would be cool? If one day a month, Gearbox held something called “Badass Palooza” where the spawn rates of badasses is doubled, and the drop rate for legendaries was also doubled (from said badasses).

With a small stipulation that you can actually toggle such a palooza off if you choose so. Would probably confuse a lot of new comers why they are suddenly being mauled by badasses left or right; or toggled off for people who don’t want to fight 5 badasses at once.

From normal BAs or named BAs? Because if you double the drop rate of normal BAs, it’s still an extremely unlikely chance, like nothing was changed at all. If you mean named BAs, then that means a 6% chance at the assigned orange, except for Nel who already has a high drop rate.

I’m so down for this. Frankly, any in-game combat-driven promotion would probably get my vote. The Loot Hunt from BL2? Best game promotion ever.


I guess both. I know unnamed badass would still have a low drop rate, but if it were a monthly thing that’d be cool. I’m pretty sure everyone would rather get a legendary drop from an enemy than get their umpteenth one from the grinder.

Why not? Agree with Adabiviak, the Loot Hunt was amazing. I get the feeling Gearbox is a little too preoccupied with Battleborn (and hopefully the respawning boss patch and the 4th DLC) to implement something like this though, but I’m still hoping for some kind of crazy event that is a bit bigger than a holiday weekend. But hardcore players are always looking for new challenges, and loot of course! So if the devs have the means to do it, yes please! And if they don’t have the means this time around, hopefully they will consider something like this for BL3!