Badass rank and golden keys missed

I had around 160 golden keys and a high badass rank (i have all characters at 72) so have a high badass rank, yesterday i had some troubles at my network today my rank and golden keys are missed somebody can help me please?

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You’ll need to file a support ticket. Before you do that, you might also want to check your different characters to see if you are missing any heads or skins as well - sounds like the network issues affected your game profile, which stores all that info.

I have not checked the heads and skins i got angry when saw that my reload speed was low then look at my badass rank was at 100. Seraph cristals and torque coins are ok just my golden keys and my BA rank. Have already submitted a ticket am waiting for an answer but did not checked the skins and head. I will do it. Thanks

Yep all my skins and heads has gone too, i had almost all :sob: does i have to send another ticket? Thanks for your support

You should be able to reply to the last email from the support desk to update your situation - just top-post the information above the previous text in the email.

Unfortunately, there’s not much the support desk can do about lost heads and skins. If you are on XB1 using the Handsome Collection version of the game, you may be able to get the original data back by deleting the local saves so that the system resyncs from the cloud save versions.

If you still have original 360 saves available, reimporting one of them to the Handsome Collection version will recover whatever you had on that system before the initial transfer.

If you’re still running the original 360 version of the game, I’m not sure what can be done.

Am at xb1 handsome collection i have already did that erased my local saved file then synced when the game start again but all is exactly as now no golden keys no BA rank and no heads and skins thanks so much for your reply i will wait for an answer of the support i hope i can get at least my BA rank and my golden keys

4 days ago i sent the ticket to gearbox support i have no received an answer since then is this normal? Thanks in advance

Did you at least get an auto-reply with a ticket number? Four days is definitely on the long side - I’d check that there’s nothing in your spam folder.

No ticket number here

This the email received the first time when sent the ticket;

Hey Marc,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

Please be aware that response time may be slightly longer around US national holidays.

In the meantime, you may also try our support forum, as our community may be able to offer some insight:


Gearbox Software Support

That email was at spam folder

Does i have to send another ticket?

No - just mark it as “not spam” or white-list the sending account (or whatever your mail client needs you to do). Hopefully you’ll hear back soon but, if you don’t, you can just hit reply on that email.

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Update; my golden keys are back after around 10 days but haven’t luck with my badass rank some heads and skins of shift codes were back too thanks to devin j from gearbox support but gonna miss my badass rank :sob:

Do you have access to 360 saves? If you do, re-importing those to the HC version of the game (save as new - don’t over-write!) should get you some BAR (as well as unlocked heads and skins).