Badass Rank and Keys Reset? Xbox One

I know there are similar post’s, but mine happened today after it said “connection failed, please check your connection and cable’s”… I found this odd since I’m running wireless. Had 180 keys and high lvl badass rank. I quit the game and did a full system restart, checked my nat settings and connection. said things were fine, so re-launched the game and found things reset? First time this has happened and kinda wondering what the heck over?

Moved you to the right spot. You probably had a wifi drop at an inconvenient time, right when your game profile was updating. This is the file that holds all the non-character specific stuff, like BAR, cosmetics, etc. (The error message is just a generic one - I don’t think the game actually bothers to check what kind of connection you have, since this is handled by the console.)

Unfortunately, there’s not much can be done about the corrupted file. See this post for further info:

So what your saying, is that I’m pretty much SOL for getting anything back… The one time I try to play BL2 and all of a sudden I lose 180 keys, my skin’s, heads and badass rank for some kakamamy reason as a bad file save…? I find that answer unacceptable and kinda lacking in specific’s for a game that’s been out for 7 years. My xbox one is maybe 3 years old and I haven’t had my 360 since a year before I got my one, so needless to say I no longer have access to my 360 data. Doesn’t 2k have scans from when people launch BL2? I mean it say’s “checking for new content” every time I load in. Sorry for this rant, but with all the time I’ve put into this game, just losing all that over a corrupt file seems like a vague reason to me. I’ve had discon’s and dash boarded several times over my gaming life and haven’t had anything like this happen, yes save’s have corrupted, but was always able to recover and continue on. Nothing where I’ve had to completely restart from scratch.

No. Saves are purely local, not server based.

Patches, hotfixes, any new content. It’s searching to see if there’s anything to download (not upload)

I’ll emphasize that it’s a rare event, but it can happen. And usually it happens because something caused the game to basically crash exactly when that file is being updated. It’s very unlikely to occur if you’re dashboarding since you usually know whether or not a save is in progress and would avoid that, It’s a pain, agreed.

If you file a support ticket, they can help you with BAR and Golden keys. Heads and skins are a bit more problematic, unfortunately. I have some spares I can give you if you’re interested. Just let me know your GT and what times you’re usually on, and we’ll try and set something up.

Ticket on the way. Finger’s crossed. As for skins… had almost all unlocked and heads, had a few to go. I’m sure can find dup’s, usually do… It’s just a pain. Thanks anyways.