Badass Rank didn't carry over from B2 to BPS

Played all of B2 through the HC on Xbox One. I’m playing the Pre-Sequel now but with no badass rank. How do I fix this?

You don’t. Even though they’re both in the “Handsome Collection” they still function as separate games. Badass rank is based on your characters in that game and doesn’t carry over from one to the other. Don’t worry though - you’ll get your BAR up fast enough if you start each of the six characters and just play through NVHM.

If you do have Pre-Sequel saves on the 360 and can move them over, you should get their BAR contributions.

I know this doesn’t help, but even in theory would you take your BAR backwards through the timeline?

it’s as @VaultHunter101 says the BAR rank is separate in both games.

However there are several ways to farm BAR (assuming you want a higher BAR then just playing the game will get you), along with starting new toons and playing the game, of which I hint at a few here, BAR & BAR Perks Discussion , there is also a link that I added (in that post) where someone talks on how to prestige which also increases BAR, but is slower then the ways I talk about.