Badass Rank disappeared

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Bug on Badass Ranks. Started the game not too long ago (HJC) had over 20k+ now dropped me back to 750 and reseted all my bonuses. Still says I completed the challenges. Kinda pissed. lol any suggestions or possible fixes?

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First, you originally posted this in a Homeworld bug thread. Not Borderlands. Be sure to double check where you’re posting next time so you can get the help you need even quicker :smile_cat:

Next, since you didn’t specify which platform you are on, I’ve moved this to THC general discussion in the mean time.

Now on to your problem. Luckily, it’s easily fixable. This has been a fairly common issue since BL2.
All you need to do is submit a support ticket with Shift and let them know the details of what happened and what you lost.
They should able to restore your rank and even lost skins you may have gotten through shift codes and golden keys.

Here is the link you need.

Good luck!

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My bad I just saw the bug thread nothing more. Anyways doesn’t really matter what platform I am on. I’ve had this problem on both 360 and ps4. luckly on the 360 it just happen to fix itself. But thank you for your post and link.

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Well, I ask what platform so I can move it to the proper place in tech support which is categorized by platform.

And you were able to fix it yourself on the 360 because they implemented a manual fix that the player could do. (Loading your characters restored the BAR)
Not sure why that same method wasn’t added to the newer consoles.

Either way, sending in a ticket will get you fixed none the less.

(Spacebat1999) #5

I submited a ticket nearly a week ago about this same thing,sent them all the information they needed and have not had a reply yet!
I am a level 58 and had nearly 18k in Baddass Rank points when this happened,is it just a waiting game now?
Well over 150hrs gameplay and hours spent specificaly doing challenges seems like a waste now :frowning:

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I’m this case, I’d recommend sending in another one. They are usually quick with these things, something must have gotten overlooked or lost when it comes to the ticket you filed.
Sorry to hear about it though. Send another.

(Spacebat1999) #7

I have lol i sent it 2 days ago

Shall i send another?

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Hm. @joekgbx or @Jeffybug - Is there anything you could do to help out @spacebat1999 to get the ball rolling on his support ticket/s? He has had no responce for a week and put in another ticket 2 days ago and still nothing.
His ticket number is #92011 if that helps.

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(Misterlimo77) #9

Again Sorry totally misread that lol. didn’t mean to sound like a jerk.

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@Kitty_Jo- definitely! Thanks for that heads up!

@spacebat1999- I pinged the team for you and you should get hearing from 2K very shortly. So sorry for the inconvenience and if you need anything else, just let me know!

(Spacebat1999) #11

thanks for the reply.

I got my keys back but not my badass rank points!

I have emailed Victor back and told him so well just have to wait and see how this goes.

Thanks for the help :smile:

(Influencer Guy) #12

You’re very welcome and I’m sure he’ll get right back to you!

(Spacebat1999) #13

My rank is back.

Thanks for your help with this,really appreciate it :smile:

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(Mjfame) #14

this happened to me the other day… they corrected the issue within about an hr or 2… Gearbox support is amazing.

Glad that you got your rank back… check to see if you still have your heads/skins because i lost mine.

(Cowkings) #15

Holy crap i just had the same problem. Lost points, lost skins, same thing. Hope mine gets fixed soon.

(Grimalkingawd) #16

It’s been three years now and there still isn’t a fix for this? My husband and I have been trying to play both Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel on PS4 (Handsome Collection) and in both games he’s lost skins and badass rank. It’s a major problem because it discourages him from continuing to play and I hate losing out on a co-op experience with him like this. Has literally nobody figured out a proper fix for this issue yet? Jesus.

(How much time do we have?) #17

Anything that can interrupt the file system when it is updating your profile data for the game will corrupt that file, which contains your BAR, heads and skins, golden keys, etc. This could be something as drastic as a power drop momentarily affecting the hardware to accidentally forcing the game to quit while it’s updating the file to losing a connection to the host (in on-line play) at just the wrong moment.

Your husband can file a support ticket for the lost BAR etc.:

If this is happening to you often, I’d be concerned that there was something up with your hardware, though - I’ve only ever had this happen once to me, when I accidentally forced the game to quit right in the middle of a save update (I hadn’t noticed the flashing icon and there was some other stuff happening at the time.)

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since it’s been 3 years since the previous post in it. If you need to follow up on the forums, please use the Handsome Collection PS4 Tech Support section.

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