Badass Rank does not seem to transfer?

So, I downloaded my Siren from my XBox 360 to my XBox One. And my Badass Rank does not seem to have come with her. Is this a bug?

Yes its a known bug. See here :

Gearbox are hard at work on a fix, no worries.

I have had the same happen to me. I only transferred my assassin so far and I’m missing badass rank, everything from my vault, a few weapons I was holding as well. Also on top of all of the the for your inconvenience 75 keys and chunk of badass rank we were supposed to recieve for transferring our accounts I did not recieve either. What is going on here?

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I updated my file on PS4 this morning and now just logging in its just updated my BAR. So maybe its fixed?

My BAR transferred over too (on PS4).

it is an xbox one problem

Wrong. Both platforms are affected.

So, should we wait to transfer until there’s a fix or will the fix apply to our progress on the new systems? Anyone know?

It is safe to transfer and play while a fix is being worked on. When it does go live, any rank you have earned will be overwritten by your previous as @Jeffybug has said previously.

Good to hear. I aim to tackle those Headhunter Packs this weekend. Thanks.

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Hey everybody, I know the subject is kinda played out but I just need help understanding the coming solution a little better. When this “small update” comes out will I only have to re-download One of my last-gen characters to fix the BA Rank & customizations issue or re-upload/ then download All of my last-gen characters again?..

Glad to be back on the forums again BTW. :smile: