Badass Rank Formula

First off, yes I have been doing some research about it, but honestly, I don’t understand it Here is the wiki article

But what I do not understand is the badass token formula:

I’ve also have seen it like this: “Badass Rank = floor((Badass Tokens)1.8)” they seem to be the same but I don’t know.

I don’t really understand how it works. Basically what I want to know is:

-What are the extra Badass rank points I need for a new token? For example, if you are sitting at 2000 (BAR, not Bar tokens) how many BAR points would you need in order to get the next token? As far as I understood it would be 20001.8=874689 which is 43734.45% of the previous level.

-According to the formula, every token level would only need 1 Badass rank point since 11.8=1 (since the first token only need one BAR point)

Without mentioning that with this formula the % needed for each level increased way too drastically
As you can see none of my examples made sense, so I am most likely misunderstanding something and I cannot figure out what it is. Some help would be appreciated.

Any info that I can gather from the forums will be added here

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It says that the number of BAR Points you need to go from tokens n to tokens n+1 increases exponentially. In your example, your BAR would be (538)^1.8 = 82303 (Where ^ means “raised to the power”)

The scaling makes the math to determine the % more to get to a different level hard to calculate, but this little table might help:


As you can see, each additional 100 tokens requires a progressively larger increase in the total number of BAR points accumulated.

Here’s what the function looks like as a graph:


I know that when I transferred my saves from 360 to Xbox 1 my badass rank was around 597000
and had to reapply between 3000 to 5000 (never wrote the total down and has been 1 year since transfer) BAR Tokens.
Easy way to figure, is to take 2 easy repeatable challenges (in this case Gold and Purple Guns), drop the required number to complete those challenges (in second account or friends game). Each of those challenges completed to Level 5 net 186 BAR points. A single challenge completed 5 times equals 930 points, 2 challenges completed the same number of times equals 1,860 points.
After completion see how many bar tokens have been awarded and then multiply that by the number of tokens you want.
I believe, and a friend who has farmed the BAR a lot more then I have has said, is that there is a set number of points to accumulate between 1 BAR Token and the next in both TPS and BL 2, in which case the math I gave above will give you the amount of points you need to get the number of BAR Tokens you want.

another, I do farm BAR a lot with my friend and usually get around 9000 points each night I farm, which gives me around 8- 10 Tokens, (again I write nothing down, just farm the 2 to 3 quick challenges a certain amount of time it takes to get where I want that night

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Hey, pal would you mind checking this post again? I have been doing some tests and edited the post accordingly

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OK, first some terminology:

  • BA RANK is the total number of BA points you’ve accumulated from completing challenges
  • BA TOKENS are the number of times you’ve “levelled up” your rank, and are what you redeem to increase your selected stats

So if your RANK was 2000, you would have already accumulated 68 TOKENS.
You get 68 TOKENS at RANK 1988, and 69 TOKENS at RANK 2041.
So you’d need:

  • 53 extra RANK points to go from 68 to 69 tokens
  • 41 extra RANK points from 2000 RANK to earn the next TOKEN.

As another example, I am currently at RANK = 155060. That means I:

  • Currently have 764 TOKENS
  • Need 32 more POINTS for the next TOKEN

Incidentally, “floor” is a function that lets you round off a number to some level of precision. In the case of the formula, it’s rounding the result of the calculation off at the decimal point since the game doesn’t allow fractional rank points, and it always rounds down.

Edit: I turned the graph around so you can see how the number of points required to get the next token scales.


Ok, there are a few things that I don’t understand here

  • 1988 ^1.8 = 865265,69 (the result I got from my calculator) =/= 2041 (the number that you listed above as next token).

  • The first rank you need to achieve is 1, and it only takes 1 Badass point. What I don’t understand is why the subsequent level isn’t 1 too since 1 ^1.8 = 1 and so on.

  • What formula do you use to know how many tokens have you earned (the way you did in the first 2 examples) based only on your Badass rank?

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This is the wrong calculation. It’s TOKENS^1.8, not RANK^1.8. To reverse it, you need to take the 1.8th root. I used a spreadsheet to set up the calculations. Here’s what it looks like, with the formulas written above as text:


I probably could have simplified the conversion equation, but I was tired :wink:


I had forgot about this, I think I will copy the link and post it here

so the info is more available for anyone that feels the need to know


I’ve been thinking a bit more about the actual equation. If you check the wiki entry it comes from, they note that it’s a good fit up to a certain point, but doesn’t work as you get to really high rank values. There may be a better fit. I’m going to play with it a bit this weekend if I get a chance. I’ll probably post back in here if I come up with anything.


That’s awesome, once you have all your info and research done I’ll edit this post and transcribe all your info in the main article as well gathered as I can (of corse I will give you the credits for it)

Btw I got this from Reddit maybe you’ll understand it better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

And (This is the complicated one)

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Looks like either some formatting got dropped, or some characters got substituted, from those quotations because, as viewed right now, the equations are wrong. That’s OK though - discourse does strange things when you copy and paste text from other sources into it’s editor. The results quoted are the same as mine, so the original calculations posted to reddit that you quoted must also have been correct. There’s only so many ways you can math correctly!

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Wow… i can not do that kind of math, and my hat is off to those who nail it! However it’s something i will never get my head around :confused:

So for those who can, you all have my utmost respect :thumbsup:

For me it’s a little more basic…

Baddass rank = Baddass tokens = The grind is real!

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Sorry for necroing this post, it’s been a while since I have played this game.

So I was checking out this old post of mine and thought, hey I’ve never come to understand how this ■■■■ works.

So I will ba as clear as I can with my following questions

1- Let’s say I have n amount of Badass rank, what is the mathematical operation to know how many Badass tokens do I have? (since probably most of them are already spent)
Ie: Badass rank: 10000; Badass tokens: X
2- If I want to know how many Badass ranks are required in order to get n Badass tokens. What mathematical operation should I use?
Ie: Badass rank: x; Badass tokens: 689

If you happen to answer, which I would appreciate. I’d also ask for an explanation as simple and clear as possible and tell me how to get the answers I need with a calculator.

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Let’s see now…

If you have a BA Rank of 10000 points. you will have accumulated 166.81 tokens.

Tokens = 10^ (LOG(10000) * 5 / 9)

So you’ll actually have 166 tokens accumulated in total. This would have happened when your BA Rank hit 9913

Rank = 166^(9/5)

You will earn your 167th token when you hit 10020 BA Rank

Rank = 167^(9/5)

So in this case you need to earn another 20 BA Rank points,.


What does LOG mean?

log is a mathematical function. He used log to remove the exponent of the function.

Consider 10^2 = 100
If we then take log(100) it will return 2. As that is the power of 10 that produces 100. If we had the equation 10^x=1000 we would use log to work out the value of x.

The other things to be aware of:
log(10) = 1
log(10^x) = x log(10) = x

Edit: Here’s a website that shows more detail if you’re interested

Note for if you read the article: as all the above was done in excel it hasn’t been stated but all calculations are done in base 10. The article doesn’t make this assumption so you’ll see they introduce a subscript to the log that states the base.

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