Badass rank/Golden key transfer help

Hey, I’m sorry but since my question is related to golden keys I thought I could get some help here: Because of some difficulties I had to buy me Borderlands 2 again and I already transferred my old character via cross save into the new game, but then I realized that all my Badass Ranks and the Stat boost I already obtained and all my golden keys didn’t transfer. I just wanted to ask if that is some kind of bug or if these things just don’t transfer and in case they don’t if it would be the smartest thing to just use all the golden keys up and at least transfer the good guns and stuff I would obtain, btw I’m currently level 35 so all the stuff from the golden chest would be on that level.

There was a bug, although it was supposed to be fixed. Check the tech support sections for the platforms you’re transferring to and from to see if you can find when that was. (Should be among the update notes or listed as a separate topic.) You may want to try loading up each character in turn within the game on the newer platform to see if that triggers any stats updates. Since Golden Keys are still coming out from time to time, no harm in using a few if you want to.

IIRC, Golden keys don’t transfer and neither do any items in Claptrap’s Stash. However, you should be able to re-assign all of your Badass points. If that isn’t an option, since you bought BL2 again you could always re-export your game save and see if your Badass Rank transfered.

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Ok thanks to both of you

Well, I just uploaded and downloaded my character again, also because I got some new gear, but still none of the Bonus stats I had, transferred. Now the funny thing is, that actually all the progress in the badass challenges transferred though, meaning I have completed challenges but I’m still badass rank 0 while I was about rank 58,400 in my old game and a good 15% damage, health and shield bonus isn’t something you just gonna play on without -_-

There’s supposed to be a bit of code built in to the game that checks your stats and tries to restore missing points if it looks like you’ve lost them some how. What happens if you play each character in turn? You should get some points back each time you load in a new one based on the BA challenge and story progression.

Ive moved a bunch of your posts into its own thread. Can i ask what platform this is for so i can move you into the correct tech support section?

PlayStation 3 and thanks to all of you guys