Badass Rank/Golden Keys Disappearing

Ok, so this is at least the 3rd time this has happened to me so I know this can’t just a problem I’m experiencing. Every time I change my storage device my badass ranks reset and and all my golden keys vanish. I’ve lost at least 7 keys from this and its quite annoying. Whats worse is my badass rank. I’ve beaten the game with Nisha and Athena as well as beating it 75% of the way with Jack and Lady Hammerlock, yet I only have around 800 badass rank. My friend paying with my Lady Hammerlock has almost 600. Having to re-designate my badass ranks is a minor annoyance, but to have my keys and ranks reset every time I accidentally pick “hard drive” instead of external storage devise is absolutely maddening.

Please patch this. And gimme some damn golden keys while your at it. I’m tired of my friend rubbing it in that he has them and I don’t lol. Thanks in advance oh mighty gearbox gods, lords of time and space. Amen.

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Upvoting this because I want a damn answer before I start playing again.

4 Days with no assistance. Just makes me more and more pissed at how shittty The Pre Sequel is. You release a game that pisses me off, fine. But at least have the courtesy to fix the damn bugs when presented. ■■■■■■■■…