Badass Rank Icon Purpose?

Instead of necro-ing this post (especially given the old forum’s impending doom), I’ll just restart this topic here: do the badass rank icons do anything? Do they mean anything? It seems like they’re cycling through the same icons, while some iterations seem to have increasing counts of some graphic on the icon. I also don’t know when it decides to change rank icons (probably based on some increase in value). I can’t believe there’s not at least some meaning ascribed to it. I’m talking about the icon to the left of the rank value as shown below (in this case, a shotgun).

I may use this thread to track these icons so I can see if there’s some pattern.

edit: next rank: Shotgun +. I miss the old shot tags, where I could specify smaller images, so it looks like this post will get pretty big. :confused:

2nd edit - Shotgun ++. These appear to change for every thousand badass rank you get. You’ll only get the updated icon when you check the stats… wonder if you didn’t check it for over 2000 rank if it would skip an icon?

3rd edit - Assault rifle

4th edit - Assault rifle ++ and the OMINOUS SKULL (still on the 1k per rank rate: skull is 30k)


5th edit - @zagmeromis got a vault symbol at the 200K mark:

6th edit - adding these to get them in here: I’ll move them into the proper sequence when I know what that is (was at 38k). I’m also looking for a better coin plus one icon… I passed that rank without capturing it.

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I think its there just for fun. You know, icons are badass :smiley:

It has been my experience that is relates to the challenge you have completed most recently. Have noticed when playing coop I’ll hear other toons to their complete a challenge line and then see their icon change. Could be a coincidence but that’s the theory I’m going with.

Just for aesthetics. As you get to much higher levels you will see general repeats with a few additions. Like if you get to the stack of coins the second or third time around, you’ll start seeing coins lined up along the bottom.

I think it was supposed to be a fast indicator of someone’s badass rank. But it almost always displays people’s ranks upon joining and I don’t think anyone is readily familiar with the icon order and where the cutoff is for every single one.

Hmm, never even noticed it. Now I’ll have to keep an eye on it, and see if it changes.

Never noticed this icon changing. Now I’m curious. Will have to observe and report back.

The BA icon will change if you open up the BA window. I think the icons are recycled, so I wouldn’t put much effort into learning them.

I got 200 000 bar and now is the vault symbol icon

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Can you post a screenshot? I’ll add it to the collection in the OP.

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Look at that - it’s even got a sparkle :laughing:

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