Badass rank problem

So I’m killing the guardians a ton on that steve irwin pokeball mission and I notice I’m barely completing badass challenges. Multiple times I check the math.

“All right, I got tons of crits with a assault rife”

Then I check if my numbers improved and I would get a tiny number added to that challenge even though I should have 50 or so added to that challenge.

Is this a known bug? I know I got a few tokens in minutes when I did this with wilhelm so is it a problem with just niesha since I am currently using her?

My theory is that you can only get a certain number of crits being counted towards the challenge in a given time period, for example 1 crit every 3 seconds. You can test my theory by doing one crit, and checking the counter and waiting x seconds before doing another crit and checking if the counter increased by 1.

It does seem like there might be some sort of time limit in place. That and I had a much easier time getting badass ranks to get points by moving to the second area of that mission.

I wonder if I just was killing them so fast that the computer didn’t even get a chance to realize there were new enemies spawned.

Nah you are probably getting kills with things other than the actual bullet. If splash kills the enemy then it gets counted as a grenade kill or elemental kill. also try using things like the skullmasher to get the crits, multiple pellets = moar crits

I stood in one spot, activated neishas skill and killed one guy every three seconds with something like the e gun. I was zoomed in most of the time so each kill should of got me a few crits. I would be lucky to get one though.

this, if the weapon has elemental damage or the shield deals some type of damage, same with grenades, also make sure you are aiming for the areas that give crits (the Head) and not just shooting at them , also note that with most assault rifles that they jump, so you are not getting crits all the time, in fact I would say depending on the rate of fire , you may be getting crits only ½ the time.
I’ve had no problem maxing out most all of my weapon challenges using that mission