Badass rank reset, gone

I was playing like any other day but I was getting destroyed lol, & I thought my badass rank has to be disabled. I check it and it’s 121?? I have all 6 characters through UVHM! My BAR was higher than that lol. Besides BAR being reset, about 140 golden keys gone, left me 1. Heads & skins gone. Not to worried about the keys or skins at this point, if I could get my BAR rank back.

Really sorry about this. Fortunately there is a fix.

You should be able to restore most of your rank yourself. Simply load up each one of your saves, one after another.
That should bring it back up close to where it was before.

For your skins, unfortunately for the ones you unlocked via drops, those will have to be refound.
But, for any you unlocked via shift code, Gearbox support should be able to assist you there and restore those for you.
They may also help you out with your lost keys.

Just submit a ticket for help here :

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I did load up each save with still no badass rank. I submitted a ticket to gearbox support 4 days ago. I got one reply telling me the same things you just told me & the trouble shooting. Did it all didn’t work, replied to him and nothing after that. It’s super upsetting to have this happen, then to be ignored by the people that are supposed to help you if something like this does.

I’ve seen at least one other post from an XB1 user saying the same thing: reloading characters up in turn did not restore any BAR for them either. Looks like there’s something weird with at least the XB1 code in this respect. As far as response time from support - it can take several days each time, unfortunately. 2K could really use some more support staff.

Sorry if this sounds overly obvious

But when you loaded up each save did you select each save or go into a game with each save?

You have to bring them into a game to activate the BAR.

I tried it both ways…loaded all toons right there at the menu then loaded them into the game at their last save…over & over. I’ve been trying everything, or anything I’ve read from forums things people have tried who have had the same problem bc I feel like I’ll never hear from gearbox support.

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I apologize if I sound like a dick. I know your just trying to help. I’m just beyond butt hurt right now lol.

Yea in all my research I’ve come across a ton of people this has happened to. No one that continually bitching about it so there must be some type of resolve…I hope.

This just happened to me as well. I saved my game, went to the menu, reloaded, and everything was gone. No warning, just gone. Heads, skins, BAR, and golden keys. I tried loading all of my characters into the game one-by-one and that didn’t restore anything.

The only way I could get anything back was starting a new character in BL2 on the 360, then transfering it into THC on the One. Unfortunately, that only restores my BAR from before playing THC. I lost 30 levels worth of BAR on the character I played from scratch in THC (nearly an entire playthrough), I lost all character/vehicle customizations I acquired while playing that character, and I’m still out 74 golden keys. This ALSO means that I can’t recover the challenge-specific skins because those challenges are marked as completed.

This was a known BL2 bug back in 2012 that was fixed on the 360. Is it back in THC? IIRC, it happened because the game sometimes didn’t save properly and would corrupt its local profile data. Back then, we could fix the problem if we kept backup saves, but since Microsoft thinks we’re all cheaters, that isn’t an option in this generation. We can’t make backup saves. Once the console’s version of the save is corrupted, the “guaranteed-you’ll-never-lose-data-again!” cloud-save system automatically backs up that corrupted save, leaving us totally shafted.

I’m REALLY not happy about losing 40 hours’ worth of BAR and customizations. :cry: And what happens if this bug strikes again? Is it even worth continuing?

All you can do at this point is file a support ticket - link courtesy of @Kitty_Jo in post #2 above - which might help with some things.

GBX have already fixed a whole bunch of problems in both BL2 and TPS when quite a few had given up hope that they would do so, so you never know…

Yea I know how you feel & I asked myself the same question of its worth it to keep playing…
What I did is put in a ticket to gearbox support about it & everything I lost, very frustrating, but they did partially resolve it, a week later. I got my BAR rank back to right around where it was & all my golden keys back & the skins & heads that you can redeem shift codes for but none of the one you get from completing challenges or drop from the bosses that we farm hrs for…super disappointing. But anyways, you can get the BAR back and keys if you put in a ticket. Games are supposed to be enjoyable not make you more stressed…just a thought. Good luck