Badass rank suggestion for Gearbox

I propose changing badass rank so that all player’s kills count toward badass challenges, similar to the way XP works…

Rationale badass challenges cause players to go lone wolf in order to maximize kills. This discourages team play which in my opinion is a bad thing.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t give two shi*s about BAC and I just take the ones I happen to get.

Lol that’s possibly the weakest case I’ve heard for change in bl. What you really mean is it would require way less work if challenges were shared

right so that means XP is bad too, since that is the way it works too

Eh. If they did that then I would also expect them to increase the kills needed for each tier by at least x2. I prefer to play co-op, but find myself playing solo just as much. Besides, I’m guessing a lot of people farm solo too which would help complete a few challenges in the process.

I made a board about 2 weeks back about some of the more ridiculous challenges. I just ask that every challenge not be brain splitting insane.

As resistant as I am to congratulate them, they at least made the challenges in the new DLC reasonable. Got tier 5 on the glitch and clean sweeps on the first playthrough.