Badass ranks and more reset

My keys, badass ranks, all spent badass points, all unlocked skins heads (including loyalty ones) are all gone.

I was 7000 at least on badass level had 150 keys, ask the loyalty rewards and now it’s all gone.

I’ve loaded in to each character and that didn’t fix it. I submitted a support ticket 3-4 days ago and have no response so far. I don’t know what else I can do to restore it.

Not much, unless you had a back-up copy of the TPS profile.bin file from your PS3 on an external storage drive, or a good (uncorrupted) version in PSN’s cloud storage. All the things you mentioned are tracked in that file. If you have been using the cloud sync, you could try deleting off the local data and resyncing. If you’ve been playing in off-line mode, though, you’d lose that progress in your save files. Should you decide to to attempt the delete-and-resync, you absolutely should make local backups of all your save files to a USB drive first.

As far as the support ticket goes: please be aware that the desk is extremely busy right now, so response times are much slower than normal. They can restore some amount of rank and keys, but unfortunately they can’t restore heads and skins.

I’m on Xbox so alot of that isn’t really doable on this platform as what you listed is for PlayStation.

I could try to resynchronize the save files but I thought that keys and badass rank we linked to the gamertag itself.

So I’ve lost those loyalty rewards forever? The Rhys head and skin from tales?

Also these were characters and badass rank exclusively earned on the Xbox one. Not carried over from a previous gen console.

Apologies - I misread the section you had posted in for some reason…

It works the same way as on PS, but you can only see the files if you’re still on 360; XB1 is, as you’ve noted, rather opaque and unforgiving when it comes to individual save files.

You could try forcing a resync of the XB1 by doing a full power reset (unplug the brick from the wall etc.) or - a more extreme option - a factory reset keeping the games and apps on the drive.

The latter means you’d need to re-add your GT to the XB1; then, whenever you started a game, the system would first sync those saves back from the cloud saves. No guarantees that this would fix the problem though - it really depends on when the profile.bin file got corrupted, and whether the sync’d version is before or after that corruption.

I’m not sure if the loyalty rewards can be fixed by the support staff or not, unfortunately. I do know that you can’t re-enter SHiFT codes, but the support staff can at least check your reward history and see what you’ve earned in the past.

It’s no problem, I’d suspect that it resynced my profile when I tried to manually load all my previous saves so I doubt that would work. It’s very very frustrating to lose everything you’ve worked for in this game on a technicality. Especially the bonuses for being a longtime and supportive fan of the series and spending money on all related products.

Understood. I had it happen to me on BL2 when I also lost some DLC gear items from one of my characters. I was NOT happy. Fortunately I did still have all my 360 saves, so I got most of it back, and I did get a bunch of keys from support.

Since then, I’ve been pretty paranoid about being deliberate with my save-quit routine, especially if I’m co-oping in someone else’s game.

I’m hoping my badass rank can be restored and I figure codes can bring back my keys. The list that upsets me is the loyalty rewards.

I would guess that by their nature and the fact You get them from the shift console in game that theyre one time redemption and not per character.

Correct: one-time redemption per account (not character.) Hopefully you’ll hear back from the support desk soon, and they’ll be able to restore at least some stuff for you.