Badass spawn rate increase since installing DLC 6?

I’ve been sitting on this question for a while as I wasn’t sure if it’s just me or there’s something else happening in my game.

Has anyone else noticed that Badass type enemies seem to spawn a LOT more often after installing Director’s Cut DLC ?

I’m playing on XB1 X and I’ve, obviously, had the update patch since it came out however, I only bought and installed Director’s Cut about 2 weeks ago and I immediately noticed that Badass enemies seem to have taken over my game. Initially I thought it was BA’s with rocket launchers. This was a thing early on in the game which was patched to reduce the rate they spawn with a launcher but now I realise it’s just BA enemies overall. Because there more of them then the chances of running into one with a launcher is higher.
I’m not just talking a minor increase either, I mean I am getting a LOT more BA all over the game. Example: Carnivora where Maurice’s vendor is this week. In the 1st area when you enter the map it’s not unusuall to get 3-6 BA enemies out of about 15 or so but I seem to be getting 10+ in an area like that. Anvil is another noticeable area. Normally on MH11, that are is rife with anointed enemies but now I’m only getting 3-4 anointed and an absolute swarm of BA’s of every type. I just had a scene where there was 4 enforcer type BA’s trying to spawn out of the same door. Looked ridiculous and they couldn’t path-find at all.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in Badass spawns since installing Director’s Cut ?

Honestly, no, but it is variable. There is an element of RNG in the chance of badass/ultimate badass spawns occurring, so it’s quite possible to get clusters of them. It also depends a bit on which maps/locations you’re on.